The Most Effective Sports for Losing Weight

June 10, 2022

Many people strive to lose weight and for this purpose go on diets. However, to achieve a guaranteed result, it is necessary to use a comprehensive approach. That is, not only to eat right but also to exercise. In this article, will tell you what disciplines are the most useful for improving health and for losing weight.

What sports will help you lose weight?


One of the most effective sports for burning fat and healing the body. Thanks to swimming, it will be possible to strengthen all the muscles of the body, improve posture, work of joints and ligaments, and also relieve stress from the spine.

The maximum healing effect can be achieved by swimming three times a week for at least 30 minutes. In this case, intensity and pace are important. Remember to warm up before you start exercising. In 45 minutes of swimming, you burn 400 calories.


More and more lovers of active pastime are becoming fans of this sport. Working out for half an hour three times a week, you will get rid of fat deposits, strengthen the muscles of the legs, hips and buttocks, and also train the heart. An additional plus is that in the warm season, classes are held outside. The body is saturated with oxygen, which contributes to the active burning of fats. However, in the cold season, it is not necessary to give up this sport as an exercise bike will come to the rescue.

Walking at a fast pace

Many people underestimate brisk walking. This sport will help your body to become beautiful and slim. Also, walking has an obvious advantage: you can do it anywhere and anytime. This does not require special equipment or a kit. However, there is a nuance. If you walk slowly and quietly, it will not give the desired result. Rather high intensity is needed. Fast walking is recommended for people who have problems with the heart muscle, joints and ligaments, as well as spinal diseases. During the exercise, all the internal organs will be evenly massaged due to the rapid movements, excess fat deposits will go away and the metabolism will improve.

Experts recommend taking 10,000 steps a day. For monitoring, it is better to purchase a pedometer, which will also further motivate you. In an hour of training, you will burn 200 calories.


This sport can be considered as a complicated fast walk, but jogging is safe for the heart. It is only important to choose the right pace. There is a universal way to do this. If during the run you can talk to your exercise partner calmly, without tension and shortness of breath, then the pace is correct, it suits you. For the effect to be more noticeable, you need to run at a medium pace for long distances. In this case, you need high-quality sneakers, which will reduce the load on the feet. It is also recommended to jog away from polluted highways. In 30 minutes of such a workout, you will get rid of 600 calories.

Running is contraindicated for people with kidney and knee diseases.


Aerobics is perfect for those who love fiery music, rhythmic movements and group workouts. This discipline will not only help you lose weight but will also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improving mood by activating the production of endorphins (happy hormones).

Aerobics will strengthen your ligaments, joints, and bones. You can do it both with a trainer and on your own, at home. Today, on the Internet, you can find many video tutorials. Training in the gym with a specialist has the advantage that a professional will supervise your movements and correct mistakes if necessary. But at home, you do not have to specifically plan the time of training, because you can practice when it is convenient for you.

How exactly should you exercise?

It is not enough to choose the sport you like best. There are many different factors to consider. For example, if you have health problems or chronic illnesses, some sports are not suitable for you. Do your research on the sport you’re interested in, and talk to your doctor before you begin.

It is also worth considering age:

  • People from 20 to 30 years old are well suited for strength training, exercises that contribute to the development of flexibility and increase the performance of joints and ligaments. These are sports dances, fitness, martial arts, boxing and other types.
  • After 40 years, it’s time to take care of your back and spine health. The best choice for such people would be yoga or pilates. You can try moderate cardio workouts, but only after consulting your doctor.
  • After 50 years, you can walk and exercise moderately in the gym.

You also need a workout plan. Here are some guidelines for setting it up: 

  1. Set a specific goal for yourself.
  2. It is necessary to exercise regularly.
  3. Give yourself time to rest.
  4. Build up the load gradually.

Having formulated a clear goal that you want to achieve, please be patient, because it takes time to change. The frequency and duration of your workouts will vary depending on the desired result. If you want to get rid of extra pounds, then you will have to exercise often enough over a long period. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the duration of training gradually. To maintain physical fitness, two sessions per week will be enough.

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