6 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Car Paint Protection in Newcastle, NSW

February 8, 2022

Newcastle has high humidity levels of around 78%, and paint protection is almost vital to safeguard your car paint. Caring for your paint and keeping it protected will help you preserve the lustrous finish of your car. 

Even if you choose not to use a protection product, you can maintain and prolong your car’s paint job by washing it regularly and applying waxes every few months. Still, some myths about chemical applications and other types of paint protection Newcastle exist. 

Here are the top six myths debunked.

Myth 1: The More Layers Applied, the Better

Having more than one layer of finish is not always beneficial. Glossier car coats provide less protection against stains, while thicker ones tend to trap contaminants underneath them that prove challenging to remove. 

Using moderate layers is enough, but making sure they’re right would be best: neither too little nor too much.

Myth 2: A Long-Lasting Protection Means You Don’t Have to Wash Your Car as Often

The quality of a protective coat is determined not just by duration but also by its ability to prevent stains and contaminants from penetrating the paint. If your car’s protective layer has higher resistance, it can withstand more damage and protect your paint longer. 

However, higher resistance doesn’t mean you can go days or even weeks without washing – especially since bird droppings contain acids that can erode the paint finish quickly.

Myth 3: Sealants and Waxes are Interchangeable Terms

Many think that waxes and sealants do the same thing; they protect surfaces against staining and moisture. The truth is, waxes are built to protect the paint only; sealants provide protection extending beyond paint. 

They’re like coatings, hardening into a barrier that’s invisible to the eye but not touchable by fingers. It’s also why you won’t be able to spread wax quickly onto your car’s windshield or windows.

Myth 4: You Can Apply Everything with One Specific Product

Picking one type of protective finish – whether it’s a wax, spray, cream, or gel – is never enough if you want a practical application. 

The best combination usually includes applying products in different ways for ultimate results: spraying, brushing on, and wiping off excess residues. 

Different methods give your product more chances to penetrate within the tiny cracks and hairline scratches of your car’s surface, ensuring that it’ll have the best possible protection.

Myth 5: Skipping Waxing Means You’re Not Maintaining Your Car’s Paint Job

Newcastle’s AQI with a real-time PM 2.5 is now considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. Waxing is just one way to seal and protect the paint from staining and damage caused by airborne contaminants such as bird droppings or tree sap. 

You can also give your car a layer of protection using polishing cream, polymer sealants, glazes, spray paints, and even vinyl cloths – which are usually enough for surfaces including glass and plastic parts. 

Just be sure to use a protective substance that won’t compromise shine and effect because this would mean less protection if you do.

Myth 6: A Coating or Protective Finish Will Prevent Scratches from Deepening Over Time

In most cases, a “protective” coating is a clear coat that will prevent deeper scratches from getting more visible over time. And the truth is, no matter how thick it’s applied or how much you paid for it, this type of layer won’t restore your paint job once deep scratches and damage have occurred.

Wrapping Up

If you want better paint protection in Newcastle, get sealants and waxes. Aside from the fact that most protective products are meant to go hand in hand, consider investing in a suitable sealant. Sealants are sturdy enough to protect your car’s paint from fading or being eroded by elements such as bird droppings. 

With this, you’ll have much more resistance against corrosion and staining, giving you great results for about eight months without having to redo the application. 

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