7 Places to Look for Denim-Focused Outfit Inspiration this Summer

December 6, 2022

Denim is one of the most versatile materials you can have in your wardrobe. You can wear it during all four seasons, with almost any outfit, and can be dressed up or down for classy or casual looks. However, you could actually run into a challenge as a result of all this versatility—you might feel like you’ve run out of ideas and worn every possible outfit. Or so you think. This summer, there are plenty of places for you to look to find inspiration for your next denim-focused outfit. Whether you want to style your colored jeggings for an outdoor concert or design an outfit to wear while you’re rooting for your favorite team, here are seven places to look for denim outfit inspiration this summer shop now.

Scout Out Local Ballgames for Practical and Comfortable Outfits 

When you’re looking to figure out a way to style your jeans that is practical and stylish, look around at your local sports teams. You might have a minor league baseball team in town, or you can just take in the sights and sounds of a high school softball game. You can find plenty of ideas for a denim-based outfit at the ballpark. Take your favorite pair of distressed tall jeans and add a half tucked-in jersey on top. Or you can replace the jersey with a denim jacket that matches the wash of your bottoms. Finish off the look with some sneakers and, of course, a ball cap on top. Now, you’ve got a casual, game-ready outfit with your favorite pair of jeans.

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Find Denim Inspiration at the Beach

Searching for inspiration means looking in unexpected places. The beach is known for swimsuits and sunscreen, but you can find great ideas for styling denim shorts if you look closely. Scan the sand, and you’ll spot plenty of pieces that look great with your favorite pair of shorts. Start with a mid-blue wash high-rise pair of shorts, then add the beachy styles you love most. You can stick with one of the lightweight, knit fashion tops women love and add a wide-brimmed hat to round out your look. If you need something lighter, you can even combine your bikini top with a sheer cover-up and some sandals. When you’re ready to enjoy the sun, take your inspiration from the beach, and design an easygoing, free-flowing, and denim-focused outfit.

Explore Ways to Style Your Jeans at Holiday Barbecues

Barbecues are all about accenting your favorite pair of denim, whether they’re shorts, capris, or jeans. You want your booty lift jeans to do all the talking and stay comfortable at the same time. There are plenty of different venues where you can find outfit inspiration. Family barbecues on Memorial Day, neighborhood parties on the Fourth of July, or even a friendly get-together on National Best Friends Day, there’s always someplace to find inspiration. Combine graphic tees with jeans that enhance your shape, or find a plain tank top to pair with straight-leg jeans that feature a sweetheart-shaped yoke. Look for an outer layer that can help you keep the party going into the evening. Whether that is a button-up plaid shirt, a jacket, or even a sweatshirt, your jeans will complement any barbecue outfits you choose. 

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Take in All the Inspiration at the Farmers Market

A walk around the farmers market is sure to give you plenty of new outfit ideas. The vibes at the farmer’s market can fit so many different aesthetics. Best of all, you can find a variety of different ways to style your jeans. You can pull inspiration from country and western styles you see. Wear a pair of boot-cut jeans with a curve contouring slim fit and your favorite pair of cowboy boots. Or you can go the boho-chic direction with some colored jeggings as your centerpiece. Add a full-length cardigan or a patchwork long sleeve top and create a beautiful outfit to explore every tent and sample all the local fruits and veggies. Make sure to accessorize with your favorite bracelets, necklaces, and headbands.

Food, Friends, Fun, and Jeans at the Fair

Corn dogs, funnel cakes, Ferris wheels, and giant stuffed animals. What isn’t there to love about the fair? You have so many different options for what jeans to feature in your outfit. 5-inch denim shorts fit in at the fair just as well as a pair of skyrise skinny jeans. Make sure the pair you choose has features like a “no-gap” elastic waistband that provides a fit you’ll love all day. The rest of your outfit should be just as comfortable and fun as the jeans you choose. Striped tank tops or crop tops are great choices. Make sure to bring your favorite handbag or backpack as an accessory, and you can craft a look that helps you feel so great you’ll never want to leave the house of mirrors.

Have Some Fun with Concert-Inspired Denim Looks

Depending on who is performing, there are many different styles that can inspire you at a concert. When you see your favorite punk band from high school, just remember how you dressed at their show back then. Distressed jeans with a frayed hem are a great statement piece. These give you a punk rock look with a modern fit that you’ll love. Or you can find inspiration from a softer genre of music. Alternative or soft techno bands always bring out a colorful and vibrant aesthetic. These outfits can center around a pair of green or red colored jeggings. On top, you can find so many different ideas. From knit tops with ruffle sleeves and a scoop neck to neon cropped tank tops, concerts provide plenty of ways to style your favorite jegging jeans.

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Wear Your Favorite Jeans to Outdoor Plays and Get More Outfit Ideas

Watching Shakespeare in the park isn’t complete without a thespian-approved look. While Macbeth talks to the three witches, you can look out over the crowd and spot some outfit inspiration that you can’t find elsewhere. This setting combines the upscale feel of a playhouse with the practical design elements of your favorite outdoor styles. A pair of boyfriend jeans are great for sitting down on a blanket or in amphitheater seats. You will also find plenty of outfits centered around denim shorts. Either way, you can add a button-up top to your look. Or try a flowy and lightweight blouse. Spice up your look with a pair of high heels or some dress flats. Your jeans will help the entire outfit come together while still providing you the versatility you need to be comfortable watching your favorite play.

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