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January 9, 2023

The speed at which car designers and manufacturers are introducing modern technology into cars is mind-boggling. Automobile concerns put a huge amount of effort and energy into improving their cars. Cars are becoming faster, more resilient, smarter, and safer.

To date, the necessary conditions have been created to produce more progressive machines. The IT sphere is making leaps and bounds, developing artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Such opportunities open up a wide world of potential for improved transport.

It seemed to many that smart cars would become available in a few decades. However, today we can already see cars with a self-driving system, an advanced navigation system, eco-friendly cars, and cars using alternative fuels.

Now you can enjoy every moment. Buy a retro car in the USA and travel the country or rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and explore an innovative emirate. And very soon we will be able to see cars equipped with exclusive features.

Artificial Intelligence

Soon our road trips will no longer be just a trip from point A to point B. Artificial intelligence will make travel safer. It will become a new sense organ for drivers, offering a range of control options. This technology will significantly reduce the risk of an accident and allow the driver to have less control over the car, taking over many functions.

A system that will make cars self-driving is already being tested by companies such as Google and Tesla. Vehicles demonstrate the ability to lay the safest navigation route, and also immediately inform the owner of the slightest negative changes that may affect driving. They can also analyze the road and detect routes where traffic is difficult.

Varieties of Cars

Manufacturers will not come to a single concept of a smart car. Each company will work to introduce exclusive features that will differentiate its models from those of the other manufacturers. In this regard, at the moment we can designate several types of cars.

Equipped with Improved Electronics

Artificial intelligence is not only about self-driving capability. The functionality of the car can be significantly expanded due to the introduction of advanced elements of electronics, which will collect and analyze data from all sensors in the car and inform the driver about it.

When starting a trip, you can get a brief analysis of the condition of the car, which will tell you about tire pressure, breakdowns and help prevent car breakdown on the road. This is every driver’s dream, as most of us find out about a breakdown on the road, which can lead to serious consequences. 

Moreover, innovations concern not only data collection but design solutions. In the future, you will be able to choose a car based on your needs. For instance, you are a businessman. In this case, you can choose a car that will be equipped with additional monitors, improved lighting, or reclining seats. The self-driving capability will turn such a car into your office on wheels.

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Using an Electronic Assistant

A second way to develop intelligence is to equip a car with an invisible assistant to help analyze the road. It will be able to scan road signs and automatically slow down the car.

Such functionality is already being developed by the manufacturers such as Ford and Tesla.

Without Driver Participation

The introduction of unmanned driving is the prerogative of large car concerns. However, it cannot be said that such a function will appear in a few years since the development requires huge capital. In addition, this design must be flawless so as not to expose the driver, passengers, and other road users to danger.


The development of functional, technical, and intellectual features of the car is incredibly fast in the modern world. Every year, car manufacturers surprise people and delight drivers with their innovations. Many do not even realize that the presented technologies will soon be available for every inhabitant of the planet. 

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