5 Types of Commercial Vehicles Used for Business

February 8, 2022

There are millions of commercial vehicles on the road in the US today. Commercial vehicles make up a huge segment of the automobile industry and are likely to continue growing. 

With work trucks, vans, and delivery vehicles becoming more affordable than ever before, fleets can expand much faster.

And there are many types of commercial vehicles to choose from. From the sprinter van that a plumber uses to fix residential leaks, to the semi-truck making deliveries, and dump trucks on a construction site, there’s no shortage of vehicle types used for powering our society.

Wondering what the most common types of commercial vehicles are today? Keep reading below to find out, and to see which one is right for you. 

What to Know About Owning Commercial Vehicles?

Before investing in a commercial vehicle for your company, you need to have commercial vehicle insurance in place. Your personal policy will not cover commercial vehicles, so you’ll need a separate policy containing liability coverage. 

Be prepared by knowing what to do after an accident involving a commercial vehicle. It can be a lot more complicated than accidents involving standard vehicles. In the event of an accident, contact these attorneys for guidance on how to proceed.

Types of Commercial Vehicles

The shipping and logistics industry uses more vehicles for freight transport than any other industry. But they aren’t the only ones who depend on commercial vehicles each day. Here are five common commercial vehicles to consider for your business. 

1. Semi-Truck

Semi-trucks still cover our highways, as they ship goods and materials billions of miles across the country each year. Many independent operators own their own truck cabs, while large shipping companies own massive fleets.

Small to medium-sized businesses may own a few to make product deliveries to major customers, such as grocery stores. 

2. Utility Van

Small utility vans have seen a huge rate of adoption in recent years. Utility vans are lightweight and nimble, getting a single service provider to job sites without wasting much gas.

They can also be much larger and are used by couriers like Amazon, where an individual van can house 200 or more packages at one time. Small businesses will use these to make local deliveries, such as bakeries dropping off goods at local businesses across town. 

3. Pickup Truck

For contractors and construction service providers, the pickup truck is still the king of the road. The freedom to carry large, heavy materials in the truck bed, and tow heavy trailers and machinery makes these essential.

Contractors often use them as a commercial truck during work hours and a personal vehicle on the weekend. 

4. Warehouse Vehicles

There are tons of different vehicles used in warehousing and manufacturing environments. These include vehicles like forklifts, scooters, and transportation carts. Side loader trucks are also common, as they help get larger containers onto truck beds. 

5. Construction Vehicles

Construction sites are full of commercial vehicles as well. On any given day, you can find vehicles like the bulldozer, front loader, excavator, digger, and cherry picker on site.

Investing in a New Commercial Vehicle

There are many other types of commercial vehicles, like rear loader garbage trucks, small mail trucks, and countless others. Our society relies on the use of commercial vehicles every single day.

Investing in a new vehicle for your business is a wise decision. Just make sure it’s properly insured and your employees are well trained, so you can avoid accidents and expensive lawsuits.

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