7 Things to Understand Before Getting Braces as an Adult

February 8, 2022

Do you feel comfortable smiling in public? If you’re like many people, you might not. Over one-third of Americans don’t like their smiles, and 36% believe their social lives would be better if they had straighter teeth. 

Our smiles impact our lives in more ways than we realize. 

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If you’re unhappy with your smile, know that it’s never too late to fix it and get it the way you want. Getting braces as an adult is a normal thing that people everywhere do. 

To help you better understand what teeth straightening options for adults look like, we’ve put together this guide. Reading it will fill you in on exactly what to expect when you get braces. 

Read on to learn about seven things you’ll want to know before getting adult braces.

1. Braces Feel Strange at First

If you’ve gone decades without braces, sticking pieces of metal to the front of your teeth is going to feel strange at first. Many people need a bit of time to get used to having braces.

The application process itself can also be a bit uncomfortable. Expect to sit in the chair for a few hours as orthodontists poke and prod around your mouth. 

The earliest stages are when people dislike braces the most. Don’t worry—you’ll get used to them soon, and they’ll be off before you know it!

2. Flossing May Be Difficult

Flossing is something that most people don’t make time to do. While it’s an important part of every dental regimen, it can also be awkward and difficult. Unfortunately, flossing with braces is even more of a challenge.

If you can’t seem to manage traditional floss with braces, look into using tools that work differently but give you the same results. This might include things like water flossers or flossing threaders. 

Regardless of what the solution you arrive at looks like, make sure to do something. You can’t get away with not flossing! 

3. Adult Braces Are Normal 

Many people believe that braces exist purely for children and teenagers in the grips of puberty. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anyone can suffer from dental issues like crooked teeth or out-of-place jaws. Because of that, adults make up a large chunk of braces wearers. 

If you have a dental problem that you want to get resolved, check with a professional to see whether braces can help. If they can, don’t hesitate and avoid getting them because of perceived social stigma. Put your health and wellbeing first. 

4. They Won’t Affect Your Social Life

As mentioned, many people fear that adult braces (or braces at any age) will negatively affect their lives. However, most of the fears that people have towards getting braces don’t end up happening. 

People in your social life won’t care if you have braces—they want what’s best for you. They’ll understand that this is only a temporary stop on the path of you becoming a better version of yourself. 

People in your professional life will feel a similar way. They’ll appreciate the work that you’re doing to improve your smile and will be as excited as you are to see the result. 

5. Braces Are an Investment

One thing you’ll quickly realize is that orthodontic care of any form is expensive. Whether you need a retainer or traditional brackets, you might end up paying more than you’d like to at the moment.

Remember that braces are an investment. If you asked someone who had braces whether or not they were worth it, they would almost certainly say that it was. You can’t put a price tag on looking and feeling your best.

At the same time, most offices offer different payment plans to make it easier. Make sure to choose the right orthodontist so that you can use insurance or another financing option.

6. You Can Look Into Invisible Options

If you’re truly against the idea of having pieces of metal on the front of your teeth, you can always look into getting a more discreet option.

Many adults opt for Invisalign treatment instead of traditional braces. These provide you with all the benefits of brackets, but other people can’t see them. This makes them especially great for adults and older teenagers.

Invisalign is great for mild to moderate structural issues, but it can’t help with everything. Spend some time choosing an orthodontist you trust who can help further explain the differences. 

7. You’ll Be Done With Them Before You Know It

One thing that many people fear is that they’ll need braces for years and years. While some people do indeed need them for years, not everyone does. And either way, the time goes by quickly. 

Before you know it, you’ll have had your braces on for months, and it’ll be time to get them off. By the time that date rolls around, you won’t even remember how your smile looked beforehand. 

Once you get them off, make sure to tell others that they were much less scary, painful, and socially debilitating than you ever could’ve imagined!

Getting Braces as an Adult Isn’t Scary

Whether you have something simple like an overbite or an entire mouth that needs straightening, braces can get you the results you want. And despite the misconceptions surrounding it, getting braces as an adult is perfectly normal.

Use this guide to help you better understand what braces for adults look like. Remember that while they might not be what you want, braces are an investment you’ll thank yourself later for. 

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