Tips for Students on How to Become a Great Journalist

February 8, 2022

Journalism is an important part of all of our lives. Even if you are not interested in the news, the information field still influences your opinion. This means that the profession of a reporter is not only extremely interesting but also very important. To get a profession of a journalist is not so difficult: the main thing is to set the right goals and find an interesting niche.

What to Become a Professional Journalist 

The direction of the future work should be decided in the initial courses. This determines the type of internships, the topics of your term, and your graduation thesis. It will be easier to prepare for your future career if you know what you want to do.

Studying to be a journalist will only give you the basics, while you’ll have to acquire the more specific skills on your own – any experienced journalist working for a TV or newspaper will tell you that. You have quite a lot of options for your future profession:

  • A reporter is a profession known to everyone who watches the news. It is the person who first arrives on the scene and tells about the incidents.
  • The columnist (analyst) gives comprehensive information about what happened. He can give his own opinion and conclusion. He or she helps the media to form public opinion.
  • The TV or radio anchor should not only be a skilled journalist, but also a photogenic, communicative person. He may compose his speeches or rely on the expertise of a reporter or analyst.
  • The editor deals with the general idea of the issue, manages the team, and monitors the quality of all work.
  • A proofreader is an inconspicuous person, but very important. Thanks to him every TV program or news column in the newspaper is as clear, literate, and comprehensible as possible.

Of course, such places of work as newspapers, magazines, advertising, and marketing are still alive. Moreover, with the advent of social networks, there are even more opportunities for journalists: you can engage in SMM, conduct your blog or prepare articles for information sites. A creative approach to any issue allows a journalism graduate to quickly find his or her niche.

How to Help Yourself in Your Studies and Career

To be a successful journalist, you have to start preparing while still in college. Read more and varied literature instead of studying something not so close to your profession. Start your blog, where you can put a summary of news, for example, about student life. When you have decided on the direction of your work, study the experience of popular journalists working in the same field. As you understand, you’ll need some extra time for this. When I was in this situation, I always asked to help with my essay with my friends and different services. And, most importantly, do not be afraid of public appearances and dialogues with all kinds of people. After all, how can you become a reporter if you are shy to speak on camera or in front of an audience?

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Pros and Cons of the Profession of a Journalist

In addition to interesting tasks and work in the thick of events in the profession of a journalist, there are other advantages:

  • access to cutting-edge news,
  • communication with celebrities and famous people,
  • to meet people from all walks of life,
  • business trips and travel,
  • career development,
  • the opportunity to become a famous and recognizable person,
  • a good salary.

Those who see their future with a microphone in their hands will not be afraid of the inevitable problems of the profession. However, if you still have doubts, it is worth considering whether you are ready to suffer inconveniences for the sake of acquaintances and travel:

  • Irregular working hours: for sensational news, you may be called to work in the middle of the night;
  • rushes: you will have to work without days off during the “productive” time for the events;
  • a high level of stress: you will not be able to relax in this profession;
  • competition: there are a lot of candidates for every position.

You’ll be a Good Reporter If…

…you have the necessary qualities for the profession: sociability, stamina, stress tolerance, a broad outlook, creative thinking in problem-solving, and the ability to work in a team. You should not forget the mission of a competent journalist. He must be objective and respectful of people. Journalism affects all people around the world, and a competent reporter can direct the flow of information in the right, safe and correct direction. Enthusiasm and the desire to find the truth and show it to people are the hallmarks of a true journalist. If you are good with words, want to help people, and are not afraid of difficulties, a career as a reporter is the best choice.

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