5 Tips for Shipping a Classic Car from the U.S to Canada

January 19, 2023

Most classic car collectors have many vehicles; therefore, you may need help to transport them to various shows or countries. Car shipping companies build long-term ties with collectors of vintage and antique automobiles. Canadian car shipping company MVS Canada has a long history of working with classic automobile collectors and dealers, and they are well-versed in the logistics of transporting these vehicles.

Car shipping is the best way to ensure that antique car enthusiasts can preserve their vehicles in excellent condition while also keeping their mileage low. So, if you want to use a shipping company to transfer your classic automobile collection, here are five tips to keep your car safe during transit.

Locate a Reputable Canadian Auto Shipping Company

A dependable auto shipping company is one of the most imperative items to keep in mind during this process. They should be knowledgeable about transporting classic autos. Online presence and positive feedback from customers are other important requirements. The company’s customer service representatives should be approachable, helpful, and eager to assist you.

There should also be a valid license and insurance in place for the business. Credibility and excellent service do not come cheap, so it does not matter how much they charge you. Even if their price is a little higher than other companies, dealing with them will still provide you with value.

Look at the Mode of Transportation

Because classic cars are more valuable than regular vehicles, any damage to them can significantly impact their worth. Open-air trailer shipping of automobiles is still extremely unusual; it is more likely that the vehicle will be damaged during transit. An enclosed trailer shields your vehicle from road debris, severe weather, and nosy passers-by. Because not all hauling companies provide enclosed transportation, you must double-check the sort of trailer they plan to use.

Get Your Car Ready for Shipping

In prepping your car, there are two things to think about: the car itself and the documentation that will be used to transfer it. Documents such as evidence of ownership, clearance from safety standards, and so on will be required. A Canadian shipping company can assist you in this task.

A mechanic should inspect the vehicle thoroughly for any potential issues, such as loose parts or leaking fluids. To ensure that you get the car in the same condition as when you bought it, you should have it cleaned and photographed. Do not leave a full tank of gas; instead, leave a quarter of a tank. It is important to note that if your classic car has a full tank when it is being transported, the weight of the trailer will be significantly increased.

Double-check that the car has two keys: one in your possession and one in the possession of the truck driver, who will move the vehicle when needed. Similarly, disable your alarm so that it does not go off while being shipped. Have your car inspected and get a signature from the carrier on the Inspection Report. Doing these measures should ensure that your car arrives in Canada in one piece.

License Plates and Insurance Required for Car Shipping to Canada

Be sure to have current Canadian auto insurance in place as foreign vehicles may be more difficult to insure than local vehicles because of their origin. Call your existing insurance carrier and ask if you can prolong the coverage on your current policy to include the new vehicle. Keep a copy of your insurance certificate with you at all times during this process. Customs officials in Canada may not permit a Canadian person to drive an automobile with a license plate of the United States in Canada unless they are confirmed that the vehicle will be registered in Canada. There is nothing to worry about if you are adhering to proper practice.

Keep the Car Free of Unnecessary Items

Tires and spare parts cannot be transported in a vehicle under any circumstances, according to Department of Transportation regulations. Because of this, most car transportation firms avoid delivering vehicles with additional parts. Regardless of whether a carrier takes parts, they will not be held liable if something goes wrong or is stolen. Tell your car shipping service provider if you have no other option than to transport the parts so they can assist you.

Auto transport companies that specialize in international shipping are the best option for shipping an automobile to Canada. Just some benefits of working with a reputable shipping firm include the use of the most up-to-date shipping equipment and insurance coverage for your vintage car. Attempting to move a classic car without the right equipment and skills is perilous.

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