How to Have Better Sex: 4 Tips for Men

January 30, 2023

More than a third of Americans in relationships are unhappy with their sex lives. If you want better sex, you’re not alone. Perfect sex often seems like an elusive holy grail that only a few can achieve. 

However, it isn’t true. Any man can have fantastic sex they just have to learn how.

This article will walk you through how to have better sex through a few helpful tips.

Focus on Your Partner

A great rule of thumb for sex is to focus on your partner’s pleasure rather than your own pleasure. If you can do this for your partner, and your partner can do this for you, you’ll have perfect sex

Take any verbal cues they give you at face value. If they ask for something, give it to them in the best way that you can. If they nonverbally respond to something, escalate it slowly, or ask them if they want more of that. 

Focusing on your partner is a great way to stay in the moment. Respond bit by bit to everything they give you, and you won’t even be worrying about whether the sex is going well or not. Most likely, it is.

Communicate Clearly 

On the other hand, it’s easy to become so focused on your partner that you develop performance anxiety. If you’re consciously anxious about giving them what they want, you’ll never be able to enjoy yourself. 

There’s nothing wrong with talking during sex. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you want. If there’s something going on that you’re not a fan of, you should be able to tell them and they’ll be receptive. 

You can also say right up front the things you like and the things you don’t. It’s likely that your partner is just as nervous about your encounter as you are. They’ll be relieved to have an outline to follow. 

Raise Your Testosterone 

Some parts of sex are just simply chemical. You can try all of the great tricks in the world, but if you have an improper balance going on inside you, you’ll never fully enjoy yourself.

One of the biggest factors that can throw you off your game is low testosterone. It can cause you to have a low sex drive, and difficulties having an erection, which can seriously impact you. 

Luckily, in the 21st century, we have many ways to deal with this. You can switch up your diet, or check out a great low t treatment found here.

Understand How to Have Better Sex 

As you can see, many of the best ways to have better sex focus on clear communication. By staying in the moment and letting your partner know what you want, you’ll go far. 

For any other problems, consider a low testosterone treatment. 

We give you these tips rather than cheap “sex tricks” because those wear off. This advice stays gold forever. 

For more information, check out our “health” section.

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