Am I Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

January 20, 2023

People undergo plastic surgery for various reasons, such as to improve their face or body in particular. Plastic surgery is a viable option regardless of age to enhance the looks. These days, more and more older adults opt for facelifts, liposuction, or eyelid surgeries when dissatisfied with their bodies or want to make themselves look younger. However, many people are baffled and skeptical about going through plastic surgery at old age. It is a fact that the patient’s age has no bearing on the plastic surgery procedure. According to reliable plastic surgeons, including Arizona plastic surgeons, cosmetic procedures are safe for the elderly, similar to youngsters.

Older people are not only worried about their health but also consider cosmetic procedures dangerous. Patients, especially those over 65, can choose cosmetic surgery, even complicated surgeries at old age, and they can be effective irrespective of their age.

Nonetheless, physiologic age, together with severe pre-existing medical conditions and the overall health of a patient, are indispensably imperative in determining whether an individual can undergo a specific surgery or not. Usually, plastic surgeries are skin deep and do not involve extensive operations; hence, any older adult can opt for it with realistic expectations.

While a patient’s health plays a crucial role, the surgery results greatly depend on the surgeon’s skill and experience. A board-certified dermatologist or surgeon performing cosmetic procedures must have education, experience, and expertise to evaluate whether the process is safe for you or not. The surgeon must carefully examine the older patients to ensure that their health is well and fully comprehend the implications of surgery. 

When an unskilled surgeon performs complicated procedures, complications are likely to occur. Hence, you must hire professionals. The inexperienced person who performs cosmetic functions can sometimes lead to complications like bruising, frozen facial expressions, scars, swelling, burns, and infections. Eventually, you will end up in a professional’s office, treating these complications.

Plastic surgeons perform breast reduction to relieve older women from neck, shoulder, and back pain due to osteoporosis. Besides, they also carry out hand surgery procedures; treat drooping eyelids, facial skin cancer, chronic wounds, pinched nerves, and many more. The surgeon uses mild sedation and local anesthesia while conducting surgery to reduce the pain.

Considerations Before Plastic Surgery

Although age is not a hurdle, the elderly seeking plastic surgery must consider the beneath factors before opting.

Physical Health Condition

Older people could have certain health conditions. Before surgery, the surgeon will perform a complete medical examination, including blood testing. The doctor will make you understand whether the current or previous medical condition can affect your application for surgery or not.

Researches have proved patients’ health matters over the person’s age. The older person thoroughly screened for conditions that could increase the risk of surgery, like obesity or heart disease, is less likely to get after-complications.

Emotional health

When undergoing plastic surgery, it is essential to have an idea beforehand about the results. While some look for subtle changes to enhance the overall look, others may look for the entire transformation. In addition, you must be emotionally ready for the whole of the procedure and intend for realistic expectations. The patients must contemplate the recovery and healing time involved.

Lifestyle Considerations

Beyond health conditions, lifestyle selections also are deciding factors for plastic surgery.


Smoking cigarettes can highly escalate the risk associated with surgery and disturb healing processes. Nicotine can cause shrinkage of blood vessels, and cells that help heal fail to reach and perform their function. A senior citizen with a non-smoking history is a better candidate than a mid-aged person who smokes consistently.


Consuming alcohol can sabotage your skin but also reduce candidacy for plastic surgery. People of any age with a long history of heavy drinking are at risk of surgical complications.


Post-surgical complications are more if you eat processed food full of saturated fats instead of a healthy diet with vitamins and minerals, especially at old age as the body can take more time to heal.

The best way for successful surgery is to put yourself in the right hands. You must schedule an appointment with surgeons who can evaluate your anatomy, health, and goals to specify if the particular plastic surgery procedure is a good option for you and your age.

Seniors seek to maximize their quality of life despite the body’s aging process; hence, you should look for the best options. You can consult an Arizona plastic surgeon, who performs surgical procedures irrespective of age after careful examination and helps patients get healthier through effective recovery.

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