How to Treat Libido Issues Post-Menopause

November 8, 2022

Have you become less passionate since menopause? Has your libido gone out of control, instead? This article offers sound advice on regulating that libido post-menopause.

They say there is a disconnect between men and women who has an active libido at different times in their lives. Scientists speculate that men have a higher sex drive in their teenage years and early twenties. For women, this turns on its head. Many women have a higher sex drive later in life. The irony of this is that the two sexes never meet in the middle.

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The Menopause Impacts Your Libido

The first thing you will notice after the hot flashes and the raging hormones is that you see massive shifts in your sex drive. After you go through this significant stage in your life, your body changes a little. It produces less estrogen and less testosterone. This can change the way your body looks and feels, but especially affects your sexual drives. 

Treating Libido Issues Post Menopause

Aging and Menopause can cause the following problems for women which can prevent them from enjoying sex. 

Lack of sensitivity

For women having sex after 40, one of the main symptoms is a lack of sensitivity. Women particularly suffer from this after menopause. In this case, you can try hormone replacement therapies to introduce more natural feelings and thereby better stimulation.


When your body produces less estrogen, it has less to produce vaginal fluid with. This acts as lubrication during sex. You may notice you get itchy or sore after sex. Introducing a lubricant can help with this.

Bladder Control 

Women can be prone to bladder control issues as we age. This is especially true of women who have had children since this can weaken the pelvic floor. Pelvic floor exercises can help to treat bladder control issues. Otherwise, this condition can seriously weaken your confidence. We encourage you to speak to a GP for advice. You might also try using Kegel Weights to strengthen your abdominals.

Mental Issues

When you pass a certain age as a woman, you start to experience other symptoms. You might have a loss of confidence in your body. You may feel less attractive. Menopause might trigger mental health issues like depression or anxiety, or even accompany empty nest syndrome. If you need to talk with someone to work through this, you can find local support groups in your area. If you live in the UK, you can find support from the Menopause Charity. If you think you have depression or anxiety problems, speak with your doctor.

Libido Goes Two Ways

As well as experiencing a lack of sexual appetite, you might go through a period of enhanced sexual drives. The potential for fluctuation falls on the shoulders of those hormones. The more they change, the more changes you experience externally. Menopause can be a frustrating, mentally exhausting, worrying period in your life. It can be just as frightening to experience a high sex drive for the first time in years as it can be to have none whatsoever.

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