What is Logistics Management?

June 10, 2022

Logistics management makes it possible to link all the services within a company. It facilitates and improves coordination between different entities to unite them around a common goal: customer satisfaction. Its objectives include optimizing stocks (from order to receipt), supply and storage, and practical information management (suppliers, customer relations and even product life cycles).

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What is a logistics chain?

A supply chain is a set of production and distribution processes that move products from a business to the consumer. It divided into three flows: physical, financial and information. The establishment of a supply chain is essential today for any company wishing to save time and maximize its productivity and profitability.

Why set up logistics software?

Taken from the English WMS (Warehouse Management System), the logistics software connects the company’s various information systems and actors. As a natural keystone, it optimizes all logistics: inventory management, orders or even control of production capacity.

Taking into account emergencies and imperatives induced by just-in-time flows is the daily life of logistics professionals. Supply chain management software helps you more easily meet your commitments and retail software development services for web and mobile.

With a logistics ERP, you improve the control of your flows, the rotation of your storage spaces, and your teams’ collective efficiency.

The best logistics and transport management software

The supply chain manager must rely on logistics and transport management software (WMS or TMS) to optimize their efficiency. New innovative solutions make it easy to improve productivity. Let’s go together to discover them!

The digital and digital revolution has enabled companies to respond to new market constraints, requiring greater agility and management speed. In the context of increasing competition and increasing rivalries between companies established on several continents, logistics chain and transport optimization appears to be a very effective way to improve your competitiveness. However, this is impossible without the support of powerful and innovative software. These allow an improvement in the management of flows and storage space, contributing to reducing costs and improving your employees’ efficiency. This article discovers all the advantages and proper criteria for choosing the best logistics management software for your business!

What is logistics and transport management software?

Logistics management software is a valuable tool to organize better and optimize your supply chain’s efficiency. It considers each step, from order validation to final delivery to the customer: purchasing management, transport providers, packaging, warehouse management, inventory optimization optimization, e-commerce shipping and delivery centralized within a single tool. It allows you to keep total control and a global vision over your entire supply chain at all times while improving its long-term functioning thanks to the editing of reports.

Why choose this type of solution?

The logistics chain is the heart of the company’s activity and is essential to ensure its sustainability. Logistics software is handy for the more apparent day-to-day management and better traceability of your order flows. In an emergency, it improves your reactivity and facilitates decision-making. Nowadays, the big challenge for companies lies in the analysis and the excellent use of the numerous data they brought to process every day. Thanks to these solutions, always keep an eye on the most critical KPIs to analyze your supply chain’s functioning and correct any faults. They also help establish more efficient processes by automating repetitive tasks.

Other more specific services depending on the software, such as macro planning, project management and transversal activities with ERP (integrated management software). Ultimately, all of these features will allow you to improve the quality of your response to your customers’ needs and reduce delivery times.

How to make the best choice for the management of your supply chain?

A warehouse management software (also called logistics WMS, for Warehouse Management System in English) must have a certain amount of functions to be truly effective. Among them, we can note:
The complete management of the warehouse to keep intact visibility into inventory and traceability. Internal movement of goods must be optimized by revising the order preparation and packing processes using the Kanban method. Printing order picking and shipping slips is an efficient solution. The receipt and shipment of goods through the management of docks loading and unloading in real-time. It is essential to be able to plan the entry and exit of orders and their storage location. For this step, make sure that the logistics software development communicates with your ERP. Inventory management is an important step in optimizing your costs, avoiding interruptions or excessive accumulation of assets. Finally, the provision of tools to control and monitor your performance helps place your strategy in a continuous improvement of your supply chain.

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