When Should You Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

February 9, 2022

Negligent behavior leads to negative consequences. Sadly, we see innocent victims suffer for someone’s reckless mistakes. Personal injuries happen so fast. They also occur when no one least expects them. Even the slightest accident could lead to a series of issues with the insurance company, defense attorneys, and the other driver. You need to go to JD Injury Law for a consultation before the matter gets too complicated to follow up with.

The best time to contact a personal injury lawyer is immediately after the accident (if possible). Approaching a personal injury lawyer in the earlier stages is a sure way to keep the evidence fresh and the witnesses on speed dial. It also ensures that the most critical information, documents, and any pieces of evidence are collected in time. 

Common Causes Of Personal Injuries

A personal injury claim arises when one person’s actions cause harm to another person. Suppose an entity or a government body was responsible for mental, emotional, or physical damage sustained in an accident. In that case, the law would hold the entity responsible for the injuries sustained. Here are the most common personal injury incidents;

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents 
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Defective Products
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents

If you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it would be best to bring in personal injury attorneys for legal advice and representation when trial becomes unavoidable after negotiations, but you should what to consider when choosing personal injury lawyer.

When To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

Many personal injury victims opt to seek justice through their own means. Technically, you should be able to talk to the insurance and seek coverage for the damages caused by someone else’s negligent behavior. However, the injuries sustained may render your efforts futile as you’re torn between pursuing justice first or taking enough time to heal.

Secondly, you may not be familiar with the legal steps or insurance procedures involved when calculating what your case is worth. The insurance company has some of the most skilled and experienced adjusters and negotiators working tirelessly to minimize the claim.

Thankfully, having a personal injury attorney by your side levels the playing field in your pursuit of justice. A well-trained and experienced attorney understands how insurance companies work. They also know what evidence to look for when building a solid case against the offender. With this in mind, you should contact a personal injury lawyer when:

  • You’re not sure whose fault it was or when convinced that the accident was not your fault – The insurance company may at times blame the victim for the accident. While this might be true or false, it’s the court’s job to determine whose fault it was and to what extent. Never discuss the terms with the insurance company since they can use your statements in court. Instead, call a personal injury attorney for legal advice.
  • You sustain severe injuries – Cases, where the victim gets severely injured tend to be complicated. Severe injuries may come with short-term, long-term, and permanent disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputation, etc. Personal injury attorneys take such accidents seriously and help you fight for your rights.
  • When the investigations are insufficient to build a solid case – Police reports may not be sufficient. Luckily, many personal injury attorneys also happen to be skilled investigators. They conduct individual investigations into the events that led to the accident. This means collecting surveillance footage, talking to witnesses, visiting the accident scene, and finding any evidence that could help build a solid case.
  • When the matter involves too many legal procedures – Some personal injury cases require a deeper understanding of the law due to their complexity. For instance, a case where multiple parties or government entities were involved may require legal assistance. 

It’s always best to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Remember, once you get involved in the accident, the clock starts ticking. Different states have different deadlines (also called the Statute of Limitations) for filing personal injury cases. The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the sooner they start digging for evidence and create an effective plan to help you seek justice.

Get In Touch With An Attorney Today

Were you recently involved in a car accident, motorcycle, pedestrian, truck accidents, dog bites, or brain injuries? Contact a personal injury lawyer today! Personal injury lawyers at JD Injury Law are trained to represent your interests to the maximum capacity. We believe in a client-centered approach and aggressive tactics to help you fight for your rights. This way, you can spend more time rebuilding your life while taking on the insurance and defense attorneys on your behalf.

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