6 Reasons to Become a Nurse

November 11, 2022

Growing up, I had always been drawn to nursing. I love how neat they look and how caring they are. But do you know there are attorneys whose specialty is anything nursing related like Nurse license defense.

 I believe I have healing hands, and since caring deeply for people is what I do with much joy, I went into nursing.

Yes. I know that nursing is a lucrative profession and opens one to numerous opportunities, but aside from the glittering offers, there should be a passion, dream, and goal of touching lives.

As an aspiring nurse reading this post now, you will face multiple questions in your profession, maybe when joining the nursing school or when applying for a nursing position. Questions like “Why do you want to be a nurse? What motivates you? Do you have a passion for this?

Getting the right answers will indicate whether you are there for the money or for the passion that brought you there.

Keep reading to discover six ways to correctly answer the questions.

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6 Reasons to Become a Nurse

It’s a Profession of Personal Connection

Everyone knows how lucrative nursing is, but you should go for it when you have a personal connection with it. For example, your mum or aunty might have been a nurse, and you saw how caring and compassionate they were with the job and how much the job changed their lives, or how you once cared for a sick friend or family member and how much that moment made you feel complete and proud, even with the challenges.

It’s a Sensitive, Committed, and Compassionate Profession

All healthcare professionals are required to be compassionate, committed, and tactful toward the profession. Make it clear that you care and are willing to put in the effort despite the difficulties. You might also relate a tale of how you helped someone in need and how proud you felt of yourself at the time.

Show Them the Reasons Why You Chose the Profession

You can’t wake up one day and decide to be a nurse. Nursing is not the only profession available. You can say it’s an exciting, steady industry growth and active profession.

Share Your Ambitions

Nursing is a profession that has many specialties, including interesting ones. You won’t find it hard to find one that suits you. For instance, you may always change your career path and work as a pediatric nurse if you decide that caring for adult patients isn’t for you.

The Work Schedule in Nursing is Flexible

As a health worker, you won’t be limited to spending time with your family or having enough time for yourself. You select the shift that works best for you. 

It’s a Well-respected Profession

As a nurse, you’ll be in a trusted company. with the long-held reputation of being a compassionate healer.


The purpose of a nurse is to improve and save other people’s lives. Being a nurse is an excellent career choice if you’re searching for a position where you can put your desire to serve people to use.

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