10 Reasons Why First Aid is Important

January 24, 2023

First aid is the first basic medical statement given to an injured person. As accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, it is very essential that every individual arm him or herself with the basics of first aid.

In the post, you will get to understand ten reasons why first aid is important. Also, check out First Aid Pro for the best first aid courses.

What is First Aid? 

First aid is defined as immediate medical assistance given to an ill or injured person. This first aid intervention includes CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), and treatment of minor conditions while waiting for the arrival of medical personnel. 

First aid doesn’t necessarily require sophisticated equipment but it is best carried out by someone who has learned the basics of the same. 

Importance of First Aid 

All over the world, the importance of first aid has been recognized and its capacity to save lives. Below are the ten reasons why first aid is important. 

It Can Save Life 

First aid is very important because it can save another person’s life. Many medical emergencies are happening every time, and most of them require prompt attention from medical professionals. A sick or injured person may not be able to hand on long enough till the said professionals arrived most especially if it is quite difficult to reach the injured person’s location. Having someone around who can perform CPR or other first-aid could be a difference between life and death. 

It Relieves Pain

Though sometimes the emergencies may not be life-threatening, most medical emergencies involve pain. Someone who knows first aid can provide immediate pain relief depending on the circumstances and cause of pain. Some of the pain relief methods include giving the injured pain relief medications from a first aid kit, preparing an instant activating cold pack, pouring cold water over a burn, and so on. Anyone trained in the basics of first aid will understand the proper pain relief methods in every situation. 

Prevent Infection 

One of the first things that increase the probability of an injured person having their wound infected is the first thing they do in treating the wound. Without proper training, it is quite easy to make the situation worse. While many people have had this opinion of using hydrogen peroxide to sterilize a cut, it’s a bad move as this solution contains a very strong chemical that damages the cells trying to heal the wound. 

With the right training and supplies, such as clean bandages, water, petroleum jelly, methylated spirit, and so on, you can be able to avoid infection and increase the rate of healing. 

Improve Communication with Professionals 

 As a professional trainee yourself, being equipped with basic first aid will ensure that you provide the right help in an emergency, and also when the professionals arrive, you can better explain the situation to them. This will help the professionals make the right and informed decision in that regard. 

Lead to a Safer Workplace 

The workplace is an extremely delicate place that requires all workers to have the basics of first aid. The more workers who know about this, the safer your workplace is. 

Also, in many instances, some workplaces work with the public, so understanding the basics of first aid will help the business keep its customers safe. Lastly, you can customize your training to the emergency requirement of your workplace. 

It Helps Keep Children Safe 

Children are more prone to medical emergencies than adults. This is because they are mostly uncoordinated, run around a lot, and are a little bit more adventurous than their age. Also, infants likewise could suffer medical emergencies like seizures which significantly can affect any infant, and you know the worst thing about this, there is no known cause for seizures. Having basic first aid will ensure that you as a parent is best equipped with what to do in time of sudden emergency need. 

It Ensures Peace and Stability  

Being armed with basic first aid training will significantly reduce your fear of medical emergencies as you know what to do in every situation. 

Increased Your Access to More Job Opportunities

Having the right first aid training will significantly increase the number of jobs you can apply for. This is done as many jobs now require the least basic knowledge first and as a criterion for employment.

Help with Recovery Time

As said earlier, knowing what to apply and how to apply it can be a significant difference between healing an injury and straining an injury. Imagine if someone is bleeding profusely from an injury and no one around can stop the bleeding before a medical professional arrived, the person would have liss a lot of blood, suffered lower blood pressure, and might be having problems with one or two organs failure. But knowing how to stop the blood, apply bandages, and dress the wound would make the recovery and healing process faster. 

First Aid Saves You Money

Having the right training will ensure that you treat minor injuries without running the risk of making them worse or getting infected. While applying bandages, you may get wet. Here are some tips for protecting wounds from water so they heal quickly and apply the Hansaplast waterproof plaster

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