Why Should You Always Try the Demo Before Buying A Game

By Vedwik
November 7, 2022

Are you always afraid of buying a game and losing money or being disappointed?

Do you know that you can always try the demo before buying a game, play the game for free to have an idea about the game that you want to buy, and also know if the game is worth buying?

If you are not too familiar with serial accumulators or infrequently happen to buy a game and be disappointed. The trial version allows you to get a concrete idea of ​​a particular game. 

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What is a Game Demo?

Demos are games whose content is limited and which may be changed or removed once the full game is available.

A game demo is often an excerpt or chapter from a video game that is made available for free distribution. Its primary purpose is to showcase the narrative of the game as well as its fundamental gameplay elements. Demos are often made available by the publisher of the game to provide customers with a taste of the product before they decide whether or not to purchase and/or retain the full edition.

Why Do Games have a Demo?

Many PlayStation has relied on trial versions to advertise their game. Games that have to prove something to the public. The demo as it is intended nowadays is used to send a message in advance of the final edition. With a demo, a game that complicated the community of fans, compelled the public to understand that the game had taken a different direction, becoming easier to approach. 

Why Should You Always Try the Demo Before Buying a game

  • You have the chance to “test before they purchase” because of the free demonstrations that are made available in the demo. 
  • You can easily evaluate the quality of the game based on the demo before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.
  • The demos have always represented a valid tool to understand your healthy curiosity about a game could turn into an ardent interest.
  • The demo is designed for you who have not yet purchased the game and would like to try it first. This mode can be played for free simply by creating a Stadia game demo account.
  • Sometimes you don’t trust the site from which you are buying the game, for example, AliExpress. AliExpress is based in China and they suspend the AliExpress account if you make too much noise about their services.

Do Demos Affect Game Sales

Take a specific block of the game, review the menus so that users do not access portions of the game that do not need to be made public in advance, send all material to Sony or Microsoft, or Nintendo for submission, and then verify tents. Creating a demo is an operation that requires human and economic resources that today many producers are no longer willing to deploy.

Some still believe in demos.  Probably, this demo will also be the last. The conversion between demo players and players of the full version is really low and comparing ourselves with other developers we understood that our percentages were perfectly in line with the market. Many players are content to play the demo, rather than invest in the full game, and this leads to a decrease in sales, rather than the expected opposite “

The habit of avoiding producing a demo stems from the fact that ” in terms of sales they damage the product and the company, rather than simplifying the distribution process and reaching certain market segments “.

The demos are certainly on the avenue of the sunset. Just browse the digital stores for a few minutes to see that the main upcoming games do not offer a trial version, while it is more of a tool for independent developers. Although the risk, as we have seen, is that users try the demo and then don’t come back. An appetizer that, for many, can be enough to be satiated.

How does a Game Demo Work?

The demo is a limited version of a game that allows interested players to try the game before purchasing it. Demos usually offer a very limited overview of the game.

The Best Demos Game to Try

Not all games have demos but there are demos available for just a select few titles on Steam (PC). Demo versions of some games are available to try out on Nintendo Switch, other best demo games are;

  • The wandering village 
  • Ixion
  • Little Orpheus
  • Card shark
  • Conan chop chop
  • Ww2 rebuild
  • The last oricru
  • Neon white
  • A little to the left
  • Where the heart leads
  • Shots
  • Small saga
  • Boundary

How You Can Use a Game Demo

Stadia game demo: If you have a Stadia account, you can use the Stadia game demos at no additional cost. A Stadia Pro subscription is not required to use game demos.

You need to create a Stadia account, then:

  • Log into your Stadia account and then select Store.
  • Select a game that includes “Demo” in the title.
  • Select Play and then Play Stadia Play button.

Once launched, the demo will appear in your library and can be used at no additional cost for the duration of the demo period.

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You Can Also Purchase a Full Demo Version

Sometimes, you can purchase or pre-order games at the Stadia store. To purchase or pre-order it, you can exit the demo and then select the menu. You can also go to the Stadia store, select the full game or bundle, then Buy or Pre-order.

Finally, download the game (complete) and you have a few hours to play and figure out whether to look at another title or finalize the purchase. There are some games that you purchase and find some errors. Some people have complained that they are unable to play Grand Theft Auto 5 due to the problem “7002.1.”  But this error won’t stop you from playing this interesting game because there is always a way out. 

PlayStation relies on Game trials as part of its redesigned PS+ membership offering. The idea seemed nice and was initially welcomed by PlayStation 5 users. The ability to try, even for a limited period, the full version titles to understand if they were worth buying.

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