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October 4, 2023

Xbox has reached heights over time by competing with so many gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. This trend in the gaming world makes people more excited to play their favorite games on their preferred platforms. During linking, the Xbox device generates a unique 8-digit alphanumeric code which is necessary for https // Individuals who own Microsoft Services, such as Skype, Xbox, Microsoft 365, etc., are advised to authenticate before accessing their Microsoft account. 

So if you are looking for ways to authentic your Microsoft account, follow this article to educate yourself with the detailed steps on Linking the Microsoft account on the Xbox console or Linking the New Microsoft Account on the Xbox and see in what ways it is necessary for users to link their Xbox consoles.

About Microsoft,

Microsoft is an American Corporation founded in 1975 by two classmates from Harvard University named “Bill Gates” and “Paul Allen”. It’s a dedicated firm to provide computer software, cloud computing services, video games, computer, gaming hardware, etc. Microsoft also offers a few extraordinary products for its users, such as Outlook, Microsoft store, Microsoft Bing, Xbox, Skype, Microsoft 365, Cortana, etc.

Users can access these products to relish the services offered by them. And for the same, users are asked to authenticate their identity.

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Introduction to Link Microsoft Account via on Microsoft Services

While using Microsoft products, they suggest its users to Sign-in or link their account at the link. Microsoft is well known for taking its user’s security as its foremost priority. For that reason, they introduce “MFA”. MFA stands for Multifactor Authentication. However, MFA acts as an additional layer for Microsoft users during Sign-in on any of the products offered by Microsoft Corporation, such as Skype, Xbox, Microsoft 365, etc.

In addition, Linking the Microsoft account refers to connecting the Microsoft Account with other Microsoft services. Let’s understand what it looks like when we are talking about linking with examples: 

Types of Microsoft Accounts Microsoft Services
Outlook.comXbox Live
Hotmail.comSkype (email address)OneDrive
msn.comWindows 10

Now if talking about linking, we meant linking to Xbox Live, or Skype, or OneDrive or Windows 10. This is how linking generally looks like. Linking your Microsoft account with the services is recommended because it enables users to access their account without worrying about keeping 2 different Login credentials in mind. 

In other words, if users are linking their account to any of the services, then they can access multiple Microsoft services with the help of a single sign-in and password details. 

After making a clear understanding of what linking a Microsoft Account via to Microsoft Services looks like, let’s proceed forward toward the Steps to Link your Microsoft Account to Xbox Console.

Step-by-Step Guide to Link Microsoft Account to Your Xbox Console

Xbox Console is a gaming service owned by Microsoft. Users can connect their Xbox consoles with several display media such as television, Smartphones, etc. Xbox Console enables users to experience realistic graphics while playing games. Xbox includes at least 100 high-quality games that can be played individually or can be enjoyed with friends.

Linking Xbox Console is not that complicated; users can easily link their Microsoft Account to their Xbox Console. Let’s see how it works:

  • Step 1: Launch your Xbox Console and access your game’s home screen
  • Step 2: An option saying “Sign in with a Microsoft Account” will be displayed on your screen
  • Step 3: On the next page users can get the 8-digit code and URL, i.e., 

Note: On the same page users can oversee the detailed instruction on how to use the mentioned link in order to Sign-in

  • Step 4: Now, using another device, like your smartphone or computer, open or run https // code on the browser. 
  • Step 5: Move further by entering the link code (8-digit code) into the space available for the code.
  • Step 6: After entering the code, kindly click on the “Next” button (placed under the field for code), to go ahead with the Signing process.
  • Step 7: Now initiate a Sign-Up process by entering the valid Microsoft Account Credentials and following the on-screen instruction to access your Microsoft account. 

And here the process for linking your Microsoft Account to Your Xbox Console ends. 

How to Recover Microsoft Account Password on a Computer

While Signing after entering the code, in case users are unable to access their Microsoft Account they are advised to try accessing their account through another way i.e., by the “Recover” feature introduced by Microsoft itself. Luckily the recovery process helps users to gain access to their accounts back. Otherwise, since the Microsoft Email address is visible in your Xbox profile, then they are specifically required to recover their password only.

Follow these 4 simple steps to recover your password for your Microsoft Account:

  • Step 1: Using your computer device, run Microsoft Password Recovery Webpage on the browser 
  • Step 2: Kindly, enter the Email address of your Microsoft account and click on the “Next” button (next to the cancel button)
    Microsoft Password Recovery Webpage
  • Step 3: Now, the next webpage will indicate that the users are required to receive a security code via email or phone number. Keep in mind, that your given email or phone number should be synced to your Microsoft account
  • Step 4: At last, Enter the security code you have received on your provided email or phone number and start drafting the new password for your Microsoft account

Details on How to Add New Microsoft Account to Xbox Console

Created a New Microsoft Account and Don’t know the steps to add your New account to Xbox Console? Stress less! Because through this article, we are aiming to help a wide range of users to know how to add a new Microsoft account in Xbox Console using the link. Follow these simple steps noted below for the same: 

  • Step 1: Access your Xbox console and open the guide by pressing the “Xbox” button
  • Step 2: Click on “Settings” and select “Profile and System” from the displayed list
  • Step 3: Then opt for the “Add or Switch” option 
  • Step 4: Select the “Add New” option
  • Step 5: Now enter the valid “Email address” for your new Microsoft account and click on the “Enter” button, then again enter the correct “Password” for your new Microsoft account and click on the “Enter” button
  • Step 6: Now users will be directed to the page having detailed Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statements, it is suggested to read all the particulars before accepting it
  • Step 7: After reading the whole information choose the “I Accept” option
  • Step 8: At last build, the Sign-In & Security preferences to complete the entire Sign-in process for adding a New Microsoft account on your Xbox

Final Words 

That is it for this article, users can enjoy their services by linking their Microsoft account on the Xbox consoles. It also allows users and app data to get synced on their devices. We are hoping that this article was helpful for the reader to attain knowledge about Microsoft accounts and services or the linking process.


Ans: You can easily discover your linked account by going through the account settings. Just go to the settings, select “Account”, scroll right to get reflected with your information, and select “Account Security”, there you would see your linked Microsoft account on the right side of your screen.

Ans: Yes this link is legal. But whenever users visit this link, they will receive a warning from Microsoft.

Ans: If users are keen to unlink their Microsoft account from Xbox, they can follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Start by pressing the Xbox button so that you can access the guide
  • Step 2: Move on by selecting “Profile & System”
  • Step 3: Go ahead by selecting the “Setting” option
  • Step 4: In the end, click on your “Account” and select the “Remove account” option

Ans: It usually depends on if the users are purchasing Xbox’s subscription services such as Premium or Xbox Game Pass, in that case, they must own a Microsoft account to manage their subscriptions or connect the devices.

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