What to Expect During Your First Gynecologist Visit?

February 8, 2022

If it’s your first time heading to a gynecologist, then you might be nervous about what to expect. You’ll be relieved to know that the science of birth has been written about for thousands of years

While your first gynecologist visit might seem overwhelming, there’s hope. This article will take a look at what to expect during your first visit. Read on to explore more about this to ensure that you’re ready and prepared for your first appointment today. 

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When to Receive Your First Gynecological Exam

You might wonder what they do at your first visit, but your gynecologist’s office will try to make you as comfortable as possible. The first routine exam should occur between the ages of 13-17. 

What Does the Best Gynecologist Do for the First Time? 

When searching for a gynecologist, you might notice that the first visit is a talk about what to expect for future appointments. If you’re experiencing heavy or painful periods, then the office might perform different tests. 

Your doctor will ask you questions to get to the bottom of any problems that might be occurring. It’s best, to be honest about all of the questions that they ask.

If you’re nervous about your parent’s hearing, they can sit in the waiting room during your exam. All of the information you discuss will remain confidential. 

Some common questions might be if you’re having sex, have irregular periods, if you experience period cramps, etc. They’ll also ask you about whether you’re practicing safe sex if you’re sexually active. 

Why a Gynecology Appointment is Important

Your gynecologist can test you for STDs, cervical cancer, help you find the right contraceptives for you, and much more. They can also answer your questions about safe sex as well. Even if you’re not sexually active, your doctor will want to do a Pap smear to check for cervical cancer. 

You’ll want to bring the date of your last menstrual cycle, a photo ID, insurance information, your vaccination list, and your medical history including current medications. 

The Different Tests You Might Receive

One test during your routine exam is the Pap smear. This is where your doctor will place a speculum to collect cells from the cervix. Your doctor can also collect other swabs for STD testing.

The speculum gives your doctor a view of the cervix and will use lubricating jelly during this. Vaginal exams occur as well where your doctor will check for any bumps, lumps, or other abnormalities on the labia or vagina. 

What to Expect During Your First Gynecologist Visit?

Now that you’ve explored this guide on what to expect during your first gynecologist visit, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Take your time choosing the right doctor for you, and check out their reviews as well. 

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