Choosing The Right Fitted Leather Jacket – A Complete Guide

February 9, 2022

Are you planning to buy a leather biker vest? There’re a few things to consider, especially when choosing a Men’s Leather Biker Vest. The most important aspect is the fit. It’s worth noting that a leather jacket is a timeless attire; therefore, you need to buy a quality jacket to last you a long time. Here’s an insightful guide to help you choose a leather jacket. 

Where Can I Begin From?

You can begin by selecting the style that matches your personal needs. How can you determine the best choice from the sea of leather jackets available in the market? If you’re a beginner, it’s going to overwhelm you when deciding about the right vest to purchase. 

The Double Rider: This leather jacket, whose fame is attributed to Marlon Brando, enjoys the vibe that most riders love. It should be the right jacket that will hit you at the appropriate spot on the waist, making it ideal for short and tall riders. Ensure that you choose the correct size that is going to hit you in the right place. 

The Bomber: It’s a waist-length leather jacket initially designed for members of the flight crew. The bomber is among the most common jacket styles today. If you want to keep warm while riding, this jacket is the ideal thing for you. The best thing about bombers is their ability to look great on anybody. However, it’s not suitable for riders looking for a slimming jacket. Unlike most jacket designs that hug your body, bombers leave some breathable space underneath. 

The Racer: It features a minimal and sleek design making it the dressiest option. It’s a perfect choice for riders seeking to slim on their leather jackets. The racer is designed to leave little or no space between the rider’s body and jacket. It’s going to be your thing if you’re a fan of tights. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing Leather

Quality leather will have that desirable smell and feel that you love. You like the sweet natural smell of leather. Your nose will tell you the quality of the leather jacket that you’re holding in your hand. Here’s a guide to the standard grades of leather jackets in the market. 

Full-grain Leather: Here you get the best quality leather that hasn’t undergone hefty processing. The leather is still in its top quality because it hasn’t been buffed or sanded down. However, the jacket is pricey because of its quality. 

Top Grain Leather: It had undergone alteration giving it a smooth and uniform look. It’s among the most common types of leather in jackets in the market. 

Genuine Leather: it’s in the bottom of quality leather jackets. Genuine leather refers to anything made of leather in the modern world. It’s challenging to distinguish between quality and substandard jackets when it comes to real leather.

But what if you are not in to buying stuff made out of animal skin? It hurts to even think about wearing something that is made out of someone’s skin, right? If that’s the case, go with other options. We would recommend a Graphene Jacket. Graphene is the thinnest, strongest and most flexible material which is in trend these days and GAMMA from Wear Graphene is the most advanced Graphene Jacket of 2022. Built on Graphene’s amazing properties, GAMMA is an all seasoned heated jacket that can be worn anywhere. It’s durable, lightweight and insulated jacket with 3 carbon fiber heating elements so when your body heat isn’t enough, you can supercharge GAMMA’s Graphene layer at the push of a button.

Choosing The Brand And Store

Shopping for a quality jacket can take time, effort, and research. You have no reason to worry because market research has been conducted for you to make the process quick. When purchasing a leather jacket, you consider two things, namely general and customizing size. Retail jackets have been designed to fit as many individuals as possible. If you experience trouble finding your size in the local retail, visit a customizing store. 

Schott NYC: They were the original manufacturers of the double rider discussed earlier. The brand has been manufacturing high-quality rider jackets in the markets for over a century. You’ll get jackets of all sizes ranging from S to 2XL. 

Belstaff: Formed in 1924, Belstaff makes your process of finding the right jacket a walk in the park. The supplier has been producing quality jackets for several decades. The available sizes range from S to 4XL. 

Overland: It was founded in 1973 and had since been producing varieties of jackets in the market. The supplier makes jackets of all sizes ranging from S to 3L. 

Jacket customization enables you to get a perfect jacket in a one-time investment. As mentioned earlier, leather jackets are timeless, making it vital to go for something that will last you as long as you need it. 

Final Word:

Shopping for leather jackets is a diverse venture because of the multitude of choices that you have. In the end, what matters is that you get the best jacket that will last you for a long time. Make a wise choice, and that goes with individual needs.

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