Famoid vs. SocialWick – Where to Buy TikTok Followers

April 17, 2022

TikTok is quickly finding itself become not only a household name but also one of the most popular and successful social networking platforms that we’ve ever seen. This isn’t just because of the massive content and user base they have in place, but also likely because of the drama associated with the app when it first came out.

Whether you are a user of the platform, a business, or even a brand influencer, you likely have already seen the massive power and reach that is available through TikTok. With content creators always looking to increase their reach and following, it seems like new services and methods are coming out all the time.

A perfect example of this can be seen through the many websites that offer TikTok promotional and user growth services. This is simply the easiest way to gain popularity on the video-sharing platform, while also making your account look like an influencer in the process.

Spending just a few minutes on Google and researching the different growth methods out there, you will quickly come across various companies offering real TikTok followers. While they will all vary in the actual services they offer, the one common goal is clear — which is to provide as many new and authentic followers as possible.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to not only make sure you are playing it safe but to also go with a trusted website when looking to promote your TikTok account. All of this and more will be discussed in the article content below.

Famoid vs. SocialWick – Which One is Better?

Famoid and SocialWick are some of the most popular websites where you can buy TikTok promotional services. But which one is better? Which one should you choose? This article will provide you with a clearer picture to make the right decision. 


Famoid offers extensive support for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. The tech company was founded in 2017. Right off the bat, it is easy to use Famoid. That’s mainly due to the simple website interface. All the options are easily visible, and it does not overwhelm users.

Famoid also gains many plus points for being a safe platform. The website does not require your account details to proceed. On the other hand, most suspicious websites ask for passwords to access your TikTok account. However, Famoid ensures no such methods. It works on a simple 3-step mechanism. First, you have to set your account as public, share the username with the website, and relax!

Soon after selecting a service and making the purchase, you get the followers delivered. Unlike fishy services, Famoid offers speedy delivery. However, the process remains gradual so that no one can suspect you have bought followers.

In addition to that, the bought-followers are real accounts. These are also safe, protecting your account from any action from TikTok. That’s because the platform can ban spambots that many websites offer. A huge benefit of real followers is continuous engagement. These accounts are also active, meaning they will interact with your post. It allows your profile to become visible to a larger audience globally.

Famoid offers tons of packages to offer convenience for users. These plans are distinguished based on the number of followers. Other than that, all packages contain the same benefits. All the plans are listed on the websites.

The lowest package on Famoid starts at $3.95. It is a fairly affordable and reasonable price, considering most other websites. In this package, you get 100 premium quality TikTok followers and views. The second package is at $5.95 with 250 followers. However, the featured package by the website is $15.95 for 1,000 TikTok followers. Comparing the price and quantity to other packages, it is easily a great offer for both experienced individuals and beginners.

Famoid also offers multiple payment methods. You can choose from SafeCharge or PayPal. Both are popular and trusted companies globally.

Last but not least, all the packages also include customer support. If you ever face any difficulty, you can contact us as Famoid is available to help 24/7. Even if you have not purchased a package yet, you can still ask any questions. The website allows all users to solve their issues instantly. 


SocialWick is also a popular company that offers social media promotional services. It includes support for Facebook, Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Apple Music, VK, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IGTV, SoundCloud, and TikTok. It is easily one of the biggest websites for such services.

SocialWick’s biggest strength is to offer targeted followers. It allows you to become popular in a specific demographic (age or gender). Since TikTok’s algorithm promotes accounts with more engagement, these followers can really push your account.

Social Wick also offers real accounts to follow you. It adds authentic people to your follower base, keeping you safe from spambots. The website makes sure that you get more engagement in your later posts. This way, you can attract organic users to your profile and increase even more followers.

The website has a clean yet complex interface. Since there are too many factors, beginners can easily get overwhelmed by the website. However, you can add the desired quantity that you want to buy. Most websites do not allow that because they have pre-made packages to choose from.

That said, you can not buy less than 100 followers from SocialWick. However, it’s just as important to note they do offer similar social media growth services for Instagram as well.

The low prices are also a benefit. Plus, you get a free refill for 30 days. SocialWick also does not ask for your password to drop followers. That also brings us to another important factor, delivery. While SocialWick does deliver fast, it is not as quick as Famoid. That’s because they claim to deliver within 24 hours.

The best part about SocialWick is new deals. They apply discounts and drop new offers every now and then. It can make your purchase more affordable. 

Which One is Better –  Famoid or SocialWick?

Now that we have laid out all the features of both websites, it’s time to know which one is better. In terms of pricing, support, and followers’ quality, Famoid is slightly better. It also has a simple website that most users will find easy to use.

Conclusion – We Like Famoid

And, that’s all to know about Famoid vs. SocialWick. Both are trusted and top choices for many people. Considering your budget and other requirements, you can make the final decision.

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