How to Prepare Your Home for Winter?

June 10, 2022

Are you dreading the coming cold months? Then you’re going to wish you’ve seen our cheat sheet ages ago. Yes, winter comes with a set of challenges, from cold air to icy pipes. But there’s a solution for everything!

This winter season can be different than before, simply because you know how to use the right resources to your benefit. And on today’s market there are more options than you can imagine, so it’s time you discover them. Does your home need VELUX skylights or a change in décor? Here are all your dynamic winter warming options to pick from. 

Install a Skylight

The best thing about a skylight is that it’s an asset for your home all year round. In any season it can help to manage heat and light usage inside, helping you to limit energy usage and save money on your bills that could be used elsewhere. The benefit in winter is that you’re letting in lovely daylight. You’ll already feel better when a skylight turns a gloomy space into a brighter one.

With quality products like VELUX skylights, cold and wet conditions won’t wear down the unit and you’ll have benefits from it for years to come. 

Rethink How You Use Curtains and Doors

The reason your home feels so cold each winter could simply be because you’re using the wrong type of décor. This includes the curtains you picked:

  • Are the curtains thick enough to block out the cold coming in through the windows?
  • Do you have curtain colours that will absorb some of the heat instead of reflecting it away? 
  • Does the look create a warm or clinical feel inside the house? Remember, even how you perceive a room can affect whether you feel comfortable or cold there. So, create a visually appealing space with your curtains and other décor, so you can enjoy a cosy atmosphere. 

Now you also have to rethink how you’re using the curtains. You need to open them to let in the sun and ensure your furniture can absorb some heat. Remember to draw them closed later in the day so that heat doesn’t escape again. Your curtains must act as insulation. 

The doors to various rooms are as important in this process. Keep unused rooms closed so the cold air emanating from them doesn’t affect the rest of the house. This will also make it easier to heat up other spaces like the kitchen or lounge with a heater or air conditioning. 

Cover Those Cold Floors

Did you know up to 10% of your home’s warmth can escape through the floor? That means you need some insulation here as well.

Start by filling up large gaps—especially if you have wooden flooring—with filler. Then also add some rugs, whether wall to wall or a few smaller ones. Once again, these can act as visual features that will make your home seem more inviting. And of course, you’ll love walking across the floor without your feet touching an icy cold surface. 

Insulation Ideas

There are some other areas that could also allow cold air to seep inside your home. For each of them there are solutions:

  • Chimneys: If you don’t use your fireplace, rather close off the chimney so cold air can’t get inside. A popular solution is a chimney balloon that expands to fill the entire width of the chimney. 
  • Garage doors: You will need to open your garage doors whenever you use your car, but at other times you can prevent cold air from affecting your building. Block all gaps as best possible and add some insulation. 
  • Letter box or pet doors: If your letters come through your front door’s letter opening or if you have a pet door installed, that’s probably where the frigid air is coming from. Consider closing them during winter. If you do need them, a flap that seals well when closed is the next best thing.

Check Your HVAC Outlets and Radiators

Perhaps you have an excellent HVAC unit or radiator, but it seems it doesn’t do anything to raise the temperature during winter. One possible problem is that it’s time to have them serviced.

Another common occurrence is that objects in the room, such as large pieces of furniture, block the flow of warm air. Consider each panel or vent and determine whether the objects near them are hindering the air flow. Move them if necessary. 

Channel Warm Air

You can even make more of your hot air coming from the radiator or air conditioning if you’re up for some planning. Where do you want the hot air to go? Instead of simply letting it rise to the ceiling, why not install afeature like a shelf above the panel or outlet or simply install a packaged terminal air conditioner. PTAC4Less has a reputation for offering reliable heating and cooling units at an affordable price. This will ensure the heat pushes away from the unit, perhaps in the direction of your favourite chair or the centre of the room. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no reason to dread or wish you can hibernate for three months each year. Ensure you have a cosy interior, no matter what the weather prediction is. 

A little preparation and a few minor changes and you’ll enjoy winter as much as summer…or almost.

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