Homeowner Advice: 6 Ways to Effectively Manage the Heat of Summer

February 8, 2022

You live in the 21st century! Why should summer’s excessive heat still spoil your days, ruin assets like your furniture or make you feel lethargic? Of course, a dip in the pool is refreshing but you can’t swim the whole day. For anyone that feels Australian summers tend to get the better of you, we’ve got good news. 

There are multiple resources and tools you can use in your home during summer that have more effect than you may think. Have you ever wondered why people invest in awnings, cotton sheets and other gadgets? It’s because the results are worth it. Try some of these and you’ll love summer on beach days and when you’re stuck at home. 

Cover Those Windows

Window films: Apart from serving as a minimal alternative to heavy curtains, window films also help reduce excess heat and glare. Moreover, they contribute to increased privacy by concealing the content of your room from prying eyes. Some variants can even insulate the room as they trap heat during the day. For more info about window film variants, visit Purlfrost.

You can help yourself as well as protect your furniture by blocking out the worst of the summer sun. You have many options here, so you can pick a solution that suits your pocket and looks aesthetically pleasing:

  • Awnings: Give your home some character while you also block off the sun. Awnings help lower interior temperatures and the fabric on your furniture won’t fade and deteriorate as quickly. Best of all is that they have value by preparing home for winter as well, since you’re protected from the elements if you install them in your outdoor areas such as a patio. Here you have flexible options. If you don’t like the idea of a permanent awning, simply pick a retractable one which is only really noticeable when you set it in place. 
  • Curtains: Your home may simply require a curtain upgrade. Pick a lighter shade that won’t absorb heat and opt for a thicker fabric that will provide more insulation than a sheer curtain can. 
  • Blinds: A blind is another effective covering for windows. It affects room temperature and blocks UV rays from reaching your furniture. They’re also stylish and add value to your home, so you’re making a long-term investment here.

Learn a Few New Habits

Simply changing how you go about your days can help you obtain a more comfortable temperature inside your home. If all the doors to all rooms are open, the heat coming in through those windows will raise the temperature you feel while working in the kitchen or home office. Rather close all doors of rooms not being used at a given time. 

When you implement this, you can also enjoy better effects from using your air conditioning or fan. Since the unit only has to cool down a limited space, it will be more effective. The final advantage here is that you’ll save on electricity costs, since your HVAC won’t work as hard as usual. 

Invest in Cotton

Feeling all clammy when you get up from the bed or couch? What fabrics are you using? Cotton tends to make you feel much cooler, because it’s a breathable fabric. You can also pick linen but try to avoid the following fabrics in summer:

  • Polyester
  • Fleece
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic

Change Your Bulbs

On very hot days, even the evenings can feel uncomfortable, right? This is exacerbated the moment you turn on a light that still has an incandescent light bulb.

Yes, these bulbs are rarely in use today, but if you’ve been in your home a while, you may still have a few you haven’t had the need to change for a few years. You can wait until they reach the end of their lifespan, but isn’t a comfortable living environment a priority? Rather pick modern bulbs that give off less heat. The bonus is that they use less energy, so living cool can mean living green too. 

Stay Close to the Floor

Are you desperate enough to feel cool to even change your sleeping arrangements? Ensure you don’t have sleepless nights because of the heat. Since the air is cooler near the floor, it may be worth putting your mattress on the floor—if your back can handle a little less comfort. Even moving the bed to a downstairs room can make an impressive difference. 

Use Nature to Your Benefit

Here’s the most natural way to manage interior temperatures and protect your furniture from the sun. Plant a tree!

You can improve your garden, upgrade the look of your premises and fight off the heat, simply by adding more greenery in earth-friendly modern planters in front of windows. You may have to sacrifice the view, or you can plant it so shade falls onto your walls. This will prevent them absorbing as much heat as before and indirectly you’ll help manage interior temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a time to enjoy, so don’t wish that it’s over just because you feel a bit hot. Also, you don’t have to fear the effect of harsh UV rays anymore. These proven methods have helped many other homeowners look after themselves and their investments, so it’s time you start too. 

Have any other tips for homeowners on this topic? Share your insight below.

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