5 Essentials to Start a Dental Practice

March 23, 2023

Now you’re a dentist and you’re ready to get started on opening your dental practice. Congratulations! However, there are some very important things you should know as you set out to make your practice a successful one. Here are some essentials you’ll need for a dental practice: 

Office Space

Finding the right building for your practice may take some time. You want to be careful about renting a space that is too large and which will be costly, but you also don’t want to squeeze into a place that is too small and that won’t be suitable for when you bring in more patients. 

You want a location that is easy to get to and in a comfortable area for your patients and target demographic. Take time when looking for dental practice real estate as it can impact your future success, so make sure it’s the right location for you. 

Dental Supplies

From dental impression material to floss, picks, cups, mouthwash, and more, if there’s something you must have for your dental clinic it is the plethora of dental supplies needed to keep it going. Whether you start out only seeing five people a day or grow to have 20 a day, you will always need to have basic dental supplies stocked. However, avoid over-ordering as you could be wasting money.

Dental Equipment

Obviously, a dentist needs more than just supplies. You need the chairs for your patients to sit in as you work on their mouths, plus burs and drills, x-ray machines, and more. While this is a considerably pricey aspect of opening a clinic, there are companies out there offering refurbished dental equipment that looks brand new. 

If you must have brand-new equipment, take a look at options that offer overstocked devices sold at a fraction of the original cost. When it comes to running a dental practice, wherever you can save money, do so. 

Dental Team

If you want your practice to be a success and one that your patients want to come back to, you must hire the right dental team, from your hygienists to your assistants, and the clinic manager. The best team will make sure that everything runs smoothly and that your patients know that they’re taken care of. 

Did you know that there are websites designed around dental hires? That means you can look for your team on a website that is full of qualified applicants looking for jobs. While it may take time to get through resumes, it’s important to hire the right team the first time around, so that you can avoid needing to hire just a few months down the road. Hiring is costly, so pick the candidates that stand out to you most. 

Dental Software

To streamline patient management plus scheduling, it’s wise to use modern dental software programs that allow you to keep track of everything from what a patient is having done on their mouth to when their next appointment is planned. It can help you manage your team and run your business effectively. 

If you want to automate services, check out online programs that will make it easy for you. Streamlining services can go far in helping you to spend less on hiring team members while also ensuring your patients are taken care of. 

In Conclusion

Knowing what to expect when opening a dental practice is important. You need everything from a solid team to the right equipment and you don’t want to forget things like business insurance, etc. As you plan for your business to succeed, consider these things you’ll need for your dental practice. 

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