How to Save Insta Content to Protect Your Business Account from Outage

February 9, 2022

If you run a business account on Instagram, then for sure your profile contains valuable information. You may need it badly in the event of a collapse of the social network or blocking. Therefore, for many users, especially after the recent Instagram outage, the question arose about how to save media and data from correspondence and various data about their business profile that could be collected during many years of work. 

There are many ways to keep the content in its original quality. For this, you will need to know certain services that just using one link will help you get the media file assigned to this  URL. If you need to perform an Instagram video download or Instagram photo download, save IGTV, clips saved as a Lives, you can do it using the same services, called downloaders. The fact is that if you choose such a search criterion in search engines, Google will show you a lot of tools, but not all of these services will be of sufficient quality and some of them may be paid for. However, most of them won’t ask for the commission if you only need to get a few files in the original quality from Instagram.

How to Save Insta Photo or Video 

When running Instagram for business, you may need to download content in original quality for many reasons. These can be reviews of your customers left in the form of stories, photos, and videos. If you suddenly need this content to post it on other social networks or on other sites, you definitely need it in this authentic resolution. 

Therefore, using a special downloader that we talked about, you will receive them on your device. How do such services work? 

The fact is that getting the content you need is much easier than you think. 

  • If you need to get just one file, an Instagram story post, a video or a photo from the feed, live videos, that’s all you need is just one link to this post. 
  • You can copy this link by clicking on the three dots next to each post. Or copy the link if you are viewing Instagram from the browser and the search bar. 
  • Next, you need to open a special downloader and insert a link to a certain type of content that interests you. After that, the service will find the necessary files and bring you to the download page. 
  • After you download this file, it will be saved on your device in its original quality as a clip or as an image. 

Also, if you need to download more than one single file, for example, all the data and all the visuals that you have ever uploaded to your profile, it is also possible to do this with the help of more improved downloaders for Instagram. 

To do this, you just need to enter a link to your profile, and the service will find it and offer you to save all the visuals that were uploaded to this profile as an archive. With this download method, if a lot of visuals have been uploaded to your account, the process can definitely take a long time. And most often, downloading content in large volumes will not be free. Therefore, you will have to subscribe to a certain service where you will find such a feature.

In addition to visuals, you may need other information if you are running a business account to transfer the data into a CRM system or a mailing list. Next, I will tell you how to correctly run the database of customers who order from you through your Instagram profile.

Save from Instagram Your Client Base 

After the latest Instagram malfunction, many business account owners thought for a minute that all the information and the entire customer base that was stored in one account might never be restored. In the case of such a problem, you need to send a letter to all your customers. Therefore, you will need to save, monitor, and constantly update your customer base on Instagram. What information and how best to collect it? 

  • Firstly, these are all contact details. When a person orders from you, be sure to enter their phone, e-mail in case he suddenly deletes his Instagram account or gets blocked, or another outage occurs in the social network. You will still have contacts of this person who is interested in your product and your business.
  • Secondly, you need to collect the entire history of your purchases. Record what products or services potential or existing customers were interested in. This information will help you organize mailings and notify customers if, for example, you currently don’t have a certain product in stock. 

Also, when you collect information about what your potential customers are interested in, you will not have questions about how to expand your business and what your target audience needs, because your product will be based on real demand and requests from your customers. All in all, this information is very important. If suddenly Instagram crashes or it will be inconvenient for you to scroll the correspondence with a client every time and look for what he asked you, we advise you to manage the requests in a special document.

Wrapping Up 

These types of information together with the uploaded content will help you to be sure that your business will not collapse in case of an outage, shadowban, or blocking. You will be able to gradually transfer it to other social networks and platforms, even if something happens to your Instagram account.

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