What Makes React Native a Preferred Choice for Startups?

November 8, 2022

React Native is one of the most popular JavaScript-based frameworks that is highly preferred for cross-platform mobile app development. React Native was backed and developed by Facebook in 2015. React Native is an open-source framework that is widely used to integrate web app development into mobile applications. One of the key features that React Native brings to the table is that it allows the development of applications on different platforms using the same codebase.

React Native is one of the most trending app development frameworks, which has been highly praised and used by developers to build flexible applications with the support of JavaScript. According to Statista, 42% of software developers worldwide use React Native for cross-platform application development. On Github, React Native has 22.3K Fork and 104K Star, and it also works on an MIT license, which makes it more secure for application development. Let’s go through the top reasons that make React Native the most preferred choice for Startups.

Top Reason Why React Native is Chosen by Startups

Startups prefer using React Native for their application development as React Native offers various benefits to fulfill business requirements. Below mentioned list of features helps improve the business growth.


Access to Big Talented Pool

As we know, React Native is a strong cross-platform app development framework, which makes it obvious that business owners will not find any problems when hiring talented developers from the best React Native App development company available in the market.

Quick Market Ready Development

Developing an application from the beginning of MVP development to market-ready application development is a long and hectic process for any organization. When it comes to Startups, it is a crucial part of the application development process. However, React Native uses almost 90% of the same codebase for both Android and iOS, and due to its code reusability feature, it requires less time to launch the MVP of an application in the market.

Great User Experience

React Native is highly flexible in developing the best possible User Interface in the applications. React Native provides a great user experience in all mobile applications as it has asynchronous behavior in JavaScript to improve the native environment with an adaptable and responsive UI.

Cost Effective

Startups always have a tight budget for the development of an application. Therefore, always look for a framework that can help in quick and cost-effective development. React Native is the best available option for Startups as it reduces the overall development cost of an application. Startup owners can hire React Native developers at minimal rates to have scalable, secure, and reliable app development.

Third-Party Plugins

React Native is supportive of third-party plugins as it allows the user to customize the application, which is not available on other platforms. One of the reasons behind the usage of third-party plugins is that React Native doesn’t have inbuilt modules to have attractive app development. These third-party plugins include JavaScript components and Native. To illustrate, If Startups want to integrate maps into their application, it is possible to do it using React Native third-party plugins.

Ready to Use Libraries & Solutions

React Native offers Inbuilt, readymade libraries and tools to speed up the overall development process. Testing libraries and checking tools are a few that help developers boost the application development cycle.

Hot Reloading

React Native’s hot reloading feature is one of the key features worth considering by Startups and developers as it allows developers to add new versions or sections of code files simultaneously while your application is running. Hot Reloading doesn’t affect any state of an application, which is very helpful whenever you want to modify the UI of the application.

Community Support

As we know, React Native is an open-source framework, which was launched in 2015, and ever since its release, React Native has received immense support from the community of developers all over the world. These developers help a lot with the tips and tricks to create successful applications. One can solve their queries at zero cost from online community support platforms such as Github, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and many others.

Reusable Components

At its core, every application built with React Native is filled with components, and every component has its control and logic. These components are reusable and offer the same quality across all platforms, including iOS and Android. These reusable components help decrease the app development time and become easy to maintain the codebase used in an application.


We hope that this blog post has served the purpose by providing the required information on the top reasons why Startups choose React Native. However, choosing technology for app development is not easy, especially for Startups, as they have a low budget of money and time to invest in application development. Business owners should hire the best development company, just like Bacancy, for more precise assistance and consultation for flexible, secure, and user-friendly app development.

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