How to Choose a Web Development Company

January 20, 2023

Choosing a web development company is not easy. At the moment, several thousand IT companies are operating in Ukraine alone. Among such an abundance, there are many qualified specialists, but there are also those who can not cope with the task in the best way. Then how can you tell true professionals? You need to pay attention to some features if you want b2b portal development:

1. The quality of development must be high

2. Meet deadlines

3. Form a transparent and clear budget

4. Prices for services must be reasonable

5. Always be in touch with the customer

6. Provision of Warranties.

Now you need to analyze each point and highlight the questions that need to be asked to potential performers to choose the most suitable one, which will be engaged in creating an online store.

Development quality

Surely you will want to check how the potential performers are professionals in their field. It’s not that hard. We start with a portfolio, carefully review the already completed projects, they must be of high quality, stylish and modern. If they match – contact the representatives and ask for a list of the largest sites they have made.

A significant advantage will be the presence of high-traffic projects in the portfolio. This proves that the developer does quality work, and the projects bring results to the customer in the form of income. You can use outstaffing services. You can estimate site traffic using Here you can find out the global rating, it will indicate where the site is on the world wide web (the lower the indicator, the better the result). With a rating of less than 1,000,000, the site has good traffic.


This indicator is not easy to verify, but it is important to carefully discuss it with company representatives. Ask how long it will take for them to make the online store they want, what difficulties may arise in the process, ways of solving them, and whether they can influence the result. Qualified specialists must promptly provide a development plan in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

Accurate and Reasonable Cost

If we are talking about the price of services, you need to ask what is included in the price. Some companies work with services where additional material investments are needed. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify with what tools the project will be developed and how this will affect the final cost. Mobile app design costs should be inquired in advance.

If you ask right away how much the cooperation will cost, you will probably not hear the final amount, but the representatives will announce in what approximate range it will all be. If this suits you, you can proceed to the next point. But if you are not happy with the price, ask if they will be able to offer options within the amount that you are counting on.

Close Connection Throughout the Entire Period

At first, it will be difficult to understand how communication will go in the future. But this can be learned from the very beginning. But from the first conversations or correspondence, you can see the courtesy to the client, the willingness to engage in dialogue, offer different ideas to solve the problem. It will not be superfluous to learn about the development process.

Each customer will be able to access online documents containing a detailed plan for the creation of the project, including regular updates in the process of its implementation, as well as what will be done in the near future and the results achieved.


Do not hesitate to ask what guarantees the developer provides to his clients after the completion of the project. Every professional website development company has a tester to check the website for bugs. The client should be aware of what can happen if errors occur after launching the project. Therefore, there must be a warranty period, no matter what type of site was created.

As you can see, choosing a developer is a completely solvable task. You just need to ask the right questions and get specific information. Visit the company’s website, see how they do the job, and customer reviews. Their own resource should be user-friendly and beautifully designed.

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