Five Signs Your Cough is a Result of Some Severe Ailment

March 30, 2023

In many cases, coughing can prove good for the body as it serves a valuable purpose. When people cough, they eject mucus from the airways as foreign particles irritate the lungs. But regular coughing is not a good sign for the body; it may indicate a few serious signs. 

Coughs are usually short-lived as they are generally linked with flu, cough, and cold, and they can go away on their own within a few days or just a week. But if the cough has become a part of your daily life and has started affecting the quality of your life, then the common cough isn’t so common. 

Many people ignore coughing, even when it happens more often. By the time they can find out the real issue behind coughing, it is already too late as the severe disease has already spread to the different parts of the body. 

That is why, to keep you informed and attentive, we have come up with a list of 5 signs that show your cough is a result of some serious illness rather than serving the common purpose of removing mucus from the body. 

Cough Last Longers Than Five Days 

According to the experts, in most cases, a cough can go away on its own in just 4-5 days or, in some cases, a week. But if you are witnessing symptoms of persistent cough, whether it is a dry cough or wet cough, you should never procrastinate booking a meeting with a doctor as this can be a sign of something serious. 

Chronic coughing is usually linked with serious issues like pneumonia, bronchitis, and many other types of respiratory-related issues. And if you have been dealing with a cough for more than a year, then it can be a sign of lung cancer, but such cases are rare, and therefore, instead of panicking, you should visit a doctor. 

Symptoms Return Over Time. 

You might have used some medicines and started feeling that your cough has completely cleared up, but in some cases, the cough can return over time, making the situation worse for you. 

If you are using the best cough syrup and good food and if the cough keeps going and coming back after a couple of weeks or months, it can be a sign of some kind of superinfection or rebound illness. 

When you deal with the first symptoms of the bout, your body might be dealing with a typical cold, but during cold, the body’s immune system becomes weak, and thus, it becomes vulnerable to a wide array of infections. 

Coughing Up Blood 

If blood comes out from your mouth when you cough, you should take it seriously as this can lead to some fatal disease. Some of the most common diseases linked with coughing up blood are lung tumors, pneumonia, chronic lung condition, lung cancer, bronchitis, and much more. 

Coughing up saliva or phlegm is completely normal, but coughing up blood should never be ignored, and you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

Cough Accompanied by Fever. 

You can cure cough alone by using the best cough syrup, but if you have a high fever(above 103 degrees F) with cough, then it can be a sign of some severe infection as well. If you have a low fever (anything above the normal range) for more than four days, then even in this condition, you should never thwart yourself from seeing a doctor.

In the case of children, anything above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and cough should be a cause of concern. To be on the safe side, if your child is dealing with a high fever for more than 24 hours, then you must visit a doctor. 

Cough with Shortness of Breath or Chest Pain 

If you have been dealing with a cough for more than two weeks, you must get it checked. If you are accompanied by shortness of breath or chest ache, this should also be a cause of concern! Many people consider this a common cough, and they keep on using home remedies while the real issue keeps on snowballing inside the body. 

In the worst cases, such situations can cause any kind of lung tumor, lung cancer, and many other serious health conditions. This is why it is always better to get yourself checked by visiting an experienced doctor. 

For many people, coughing is as common as breathing since it is not a cause for concern in most cases. But if other issues accompany cough and if the cough is there for more than a week, one should always visit a doctor. 

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