Tips for Growing and Monetizing Your Instagram Account

June 6, 2022

In this post, we will make our pitch for 5 concrete tips on how to get more Instagram followers. Instagram profiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, the strategies for acquiring more Instagram followers differ greatly.

There are, however, certain common denominators that will support a wide range of profiles. Our tips are designed to be useful and actionable so that they can be implemented quickly. These suggestions are based on a blend of professional advice and personal experience.

We hope the tips are useful and provide some motivation for you to get started with various methods and find your own way on how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.


The most successful way to acquire a large number of followers is to buy them, but bear in mind that only REAL followers make sense!

Followers Gallery is a specialized website and Instagram auto liker without login that assists Instagram users in quickly gaining active and genuine Instagram followers as well as increasing their Instagram likes with tools like GetInsta. It has a huge number of Instagram followers. There will be no bots in Followers Gallery; all of the Instagram followers and likes you get will be from REAL Instagram accounts.

You have the option of buying Auto Instagram Followers or a one-time plan, all of which will help you gain more Instagram followers and likes. The Auto Instagram Followers plan/Daily plan helps you to deliver followers on a daily basis while spending less money. You can pick a 30-day or 60-day subscription, as well as the amount of followers you want each day.

Sounds fascinating, right? Go to or simply download the Followers Gallery app to get the first 1,000 free Instagram followers!


Have you already transformed your personal profile to a business profile? No, it does not. Then this is the commodity for you! For my part, I have only seen the advantages of moving from private to company. I use the built-in Insights tool many times a day (it’s at the top of my profile as a tiny icon) and I can far more easily spot which form of posting generates the most interaction among my followers, which times of day and week have the most value to post on, which photos generate the most exposures, and so on.


A GEO tag on Instagram is equivalent to a Facebook “check-in.” Many people search for famous posts in their region, and by adding a GEO tag to your image, you will likely appear for a large number of accounts that are not yet following you. Did you know that a picture with a GEO tag receives 79 percent more interaction than an image without a location tag?

Aside from GEO tags, it is also a (significant) benefit to tag both brands and large accounts in your picture. It allows you to be featured in their respective feed if they find your picture appropriate. And when you’re featured on larger profiles, the effects can be devastating!


Posts with a high level of interaction (likes, comments, exposures, etc.) will appear higher in your Instagram feed. Previously, all in your feed was shown chronologically, with the most recent images at the top (Instagram = Instant). Because of a shift in the Instagram algorithm, it is now possible to see old images (with high engagement, for example) at the top of one’s feed rather than recently posted photos. Instagram now shows you a mix of what they think you’d like to see based on what you’ve previously enjoyed and which posts are popular with other users.

Insta Pods aims to prevent this algorithm by influencing the amount of engagement that posts get.

Pods, in their most basic form, are made up of 6-12 profiles that form a closed group through the DM (direct message function). They then push an image (or offer notice in another way in the group) very soon after pushing the same image in their feed. The other members of the community will now comment, like, and generally interact with the image as soon as possible. The concept behind this is that Instagram has shown on many occasions that they prefer images with high engagement (as previously mentioned), but more importantly, where the commitment comes shortly after publication. It is Instagram’s guarantee that the image is relevant, common, and relevant, and Pods’ primary goal is to “engage in an image immediately after it is uploaded.”

It can be difficult to find people to enter Pods because they are mostly small, closed groups. Instead, I recommend that you make your own! Invite profiles that stand out from yours and get ready to develop your following – AND get ready to work and keep an eye on the community on a regular basis. After a few weeks, you may find that you are full of Insta Pods, and it can be a huge relief to be able to get out of one again, so you don’t have to constantly be on and invent new special and inventive comments (a heart or a smiley is not enough when it comes to Pods comments) 🙂

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