Pikdo Complete Guide: What Is It? How Does It Work? Its Features, Uses and Alternatives!

February 7, 2022

Social Media is an all-new trend in today’s world and so widespread that we all at present are surrounded by various social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp which provide us a facility to interact with the world.

In fact, most of our time is consumed by these applications as; Facebook provides people the facility to post, Twitter helps in posting the views of people through tweets, WhatsApp allows people to chit-chat and Instagram; it helps in posting images and videos. 

These above-listed some of the most popular and useful applications are being used for many years but now, they get extreme fame especially, Instagram. It is not wrong to say that this application is being used by almost 90% of the population in today’s time. Both young and old are hovering over it and celebrities are making the most of it to increase followers, to promote their brands and to show off their lifestyles.

But coming back to the topic, most of the social-media platforms, wretchedly, are app-based and provide their best services on smartphones which restrict individuals who do not always have cell phones, to handle their accounts easily.

Hence, it is an unquestionable requirement to have the web based platform of all popular social media apps to let people manage as well as organize their social media accounts and applications properly.

Perhaps with something like this in mind, Instagram’s founders introduced Pikdo, an extended web version of the app.

Though, many of you might have heard about various Instagram online viewers but no-doubt, among all the online Instagram viewers, Pikdo is the most talked-about! 

It is not just an online tool for checking Instagram accounts anonymously but also for helping you grow your Instagram account. However, if you don’t know much about Pikdo yet then, luckily you’ve landed on the right place.

Here, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Pikdo Instagram online viewer. 

To begin, let us give you an overview of what does an Instagram online viewer means—

Overview of Instagram Web/Online Viewer

An Instagram online viewer is such a tool that provides you the ability to view your Instagram account from a webpage. 

With this tool, you can scroll Instagram without having to register for an account and if you have an account then, without needing to send a follow request, it offers you viewing access to both ‘Public and Private’ Instagram accounts. 

Above all, Instagram online viewer helps you improve your stealth Instagram game even without logging into your account. It enables you to see the people who have viewed your profile, the people who follow you and other such statistics so that you can find new and impressive ways to attract more attention.

Basically, if you want to improve on your Instagram strategy to boost your IG profile then, this is where Instagram viewer tools come in.

Though, for the same, many online viewer tools and sites offer to give you updates about Instagram but, Pikdo for having a very simple and user-friendly web-based interface for the users— is the one that majority go for! 

Pikdo as an Online Instagram Viewer!

If you want to know about Pikdo as an Online Instagram viewer then, in simple words let us tell you that – it is a web based Instagram viewer site that can help you track/spy on multiple accounts even without making your image of a stalker.

To access Pikdo, click here: https://www.pikdo.com/.

To be precise, Pikdo is a web-based platform for Instagram which provides people access to their account on different web browsers. As far as this web version Pikdo is concerned it has a bigger GUI (Graphic User Interface) as compared to the app.

This web-based ‘Instagram Online Viewer’ application allows users to connect with one another and to quickly view followers, locations, hashtags, and all popular content.

In other words, Pikdo helps you to see your refreshed status, recordings, most loved photographs, adherents, and several other important things with only a few clicks.

Why Was Pikdo Created? What’s the Need?

The reason why Pikdo ‘one of the most effective product management applications’ was made, is simply to urge Instagram creators to build a web version of the app–

  • To analyze the Instagram data,
  • To create cool metrics for each IG profile, 
  • To check out list of the profile visitors and
  • To have a great experience for browsing the IG content.

What Are the Features of Pikdo Instagram Viewer?

Pikdo provides you with all the basic functionalities of the Instagram app and that too with a very simple interface. It is an amazing free-to-use tool that lets you view Instagram profiles and photos even without logging into any account.

You can also use Instagram, a popular photos site for browsing the most photos as well as for tagged photos. Not just that, Pikdo analyses the Instagram data and creates cool metrics for each profile, lists for the visitors and a great experience for browsing the content.

How Does Pikdo Instagram Viewer Work?

Pikdo is fueled by Instagram API which means it is a tool that makes use of Instagram’s Application Programming Interface to allow users to view photos, videos, likes, shares, tags, comments, and other similar IG information. 

In other words, Pikdo works by collecting information from Instagram and re-moulding this into a single searchable database for users to offer all the vital features and functions of the Instagram mobile app in a very user-friendly manner.

Let us explain to you how—

  • After signing in to your account on the web with your Instagram credentials, you can browse your IG content and also photos, videos and other material from your followers/admirers.
  • When you scroll the Instagram photos browser downwards, you’ll see that one image is displayed at once making it easier to view photos and videos of your friends in a better way.
  • While doing so, you can point the mouse over an image to see its details such as you can see the caption.
  • And, if you want, you can even click-through the page to share your content on other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

However, it is also worth noting that tools like Pikdo do not necessarily disclose any private information; but for sure, it is an amazing tool for gaining some useful information which is usually not possible to track on your own or to acquire from elsewhere.

How Does Pikdo Instagram Online Viewer Help You? 

Knowing about Pikdo, its features and how it works; now we’re sure it is not so difficult to understand how Pikdo helps you, right! With Pikdo Instagram online viewer, you’ll be able to examine who has viewed your Instagram profile, your followers and even other related IG statistics as it provides you with all the key functionalities of the Instagram app.

So, when you’re able to examine all this, you’ll definitely come up with new methods to improve your Instagram profile. But, that’s not all about how Pikdo helps! Well because, it helps you in many other possible ways as well. 

For instance, when you are signed in to your account with your Instagram credentials, you can—

  • Explore anything about Instagram ranging from profile, followers, tags to everything.
  • View other users’ stories, lists of those Instagrammers who viewed your Instagram profile, updates posted by your followers and friends, that too, without any bells and whistles.
  • Use Pikdo for your business talks as well as to boost your Instagram business profile in case if yours is a Business account.
  • Browse for your competitor’s photos, videos and their other content.
  • Use this exemplary free-to-use tool to help your business grow on Instagram.
  • See filters, hashtags and people tagged used on a profile to have all the metrics of the Instagram profile at your fingertips.
  • Explore photos, reels, hashtags, captions, and a lot more content with just a mouseover.
  • Last but not least, you can easily access the Instagram web portfolios as Pikdo has a clean design with open availability.

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Why Do You Consider Pikdo?

If you’re still not convinced why do you consider Pikdo over other platforms then, may be now you’ll be when you get to know that while most websites on one hand just provide Instagram updates; Pikdo on the other, allows you to effortlessly browse profiles, followers, popular content, posts, videos, likes and other information.

By reviewing all this, you can gauge other viewer’s strengths, weaknesses, their popularity-secret and after gaining enough insight into the profiles of others; you can use the same strategies to enhance your Instagram account growth, presence, and following, etc.

To be specific, Pikdo viewer for being diverse from other Online Instagram Viewers provides the following benefits to users—

  • Check-in details made by Instagram profiles
  • Most utilized filters on Instagram profiles, and photos
  • Most used hashtags under photos and videos
  • All the metrics of a profile to accelerate your Instagram growth.

Considering all this, many famous personalities are also using this Pikdo Online Instagram Viewer tool. About them, you can easily search online as you just need to use their usernames. 

To name some, you can search about these famous personalities using—

  • suraqah pikdo
  • leighnk pikdo
  • johnathan_alexander09 pikdo

So, when many well-renowned Pikdo Instagram Profilers are using this, why shouldn’t you consider it!

Is It Safe to Use Pikdo? 

If you have any doubt whether it is safe to use Pikdo or not then, let us explain you this in step-by-step manner—

  • First of all, Pikdo is made by a reputable company and thus, is legal to use. 
  • Secondly, it is a very straightforward application that delivers what it promises. 
  • Thirdly, it allows you to browse Instagram in two ways i.e., via logging in or anonymously which means that you can access Instagram without even exposing your identity which is obviously safe to use as there is no need to provide any credentials. 
  • Lastly, this tool does not even share the data of its users to anyone so, again yes; it is legitimate and 100% safe to use Pikdo! 

Also in regard to this, it is worth mentioning that, though there have been many reviews, both good and bad, the positives have definitely been more. So you don’t have much to worry about and can use this tool like it has been used by other users over the years.

How to Use Pikdo? The Best Ways Explained

  1. To get photo updates:  Pikdo as Instagram web viewer can be used to get updates on web browsers whenever any new photo is posted on Instagram.
  2. To interact with friends: Instagram provides a whole new experience of chatting with friends and Pikdo helps you to have that experience on your laptop or PC.
  3. To Review your activity: Instagram tracks all the activity of its users for the sake of their privacy and secrecy so that if any activity is found which the user has not done, actions can be taken. Pikdo helps you to review your activity from the browser.
  4. To share fun stories: Pikdo helps you to post any photo, story or reel on your Instagram account and share your story with your friends and the entire world.
  5. To Enhance Instagram growth: Instagram has provided millions of its users the opportunity to show their talents and get the name and fame that they deserve. Pikdo helps you to achieve that dream of yours.
  6. To check someone’s popularity: Pikdo helps in providing the data of Instagram users like how many followers they have, how many photos they have posted and many more.

What Has Happened to Pikdo?

Pikdo unfortunately had faced some serious charges of data theft and code breaches from Facebook and thus, it went down!

Facebook for being the parent company of Instagram has sued Pikdo—‘the third-party service provider of Instagram on the web browser’ in 2020. 

It claims that they have been actively watching all such websites since the year 2019 and this has been done on the serious allegations that Pikdo has allowed users to download and save the photos of others which is a violation of terms and conditions of Facebook. 

Alternatives of Pikdo in 2022

Despite that Pikdo has been disabled since 2020 and Facebook also has made very strict rules for such third-party websites; still there are various other options that users have! Some of the most popular Instagram viewers as alternative of Pikdo which are working in 2022 are:

These above-listed alternatives of Pikdo have certain additional functions. However, in general, they are similar in terms of functionality and access as they specialize in a single area such as downloading and viewing of content and evaluation of statistics.

Bottom Line

That’s all about Pikdo Instagram Viewer. Through this post, we’ve tried our best to cover almost all the amazing features and benefits of Pikdo to give you a fair idea about this amazing web-based application of Instagram. 

While, you can use this tool for multiple purposes as discussed above; it is entirely up to you whether you determine your need of using the same or not. However, no-doubt, it is one of the highly trending tools right now, so; one should definitely try it out once. 

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