Where Can I Get an Abortion in Portland, Oregon?

March 27, 2023

One doesn’t decide on abortion without the extensive weighing of emotional and mental options on their part. After you have processed the decision yourself and have decided to go through this vulnerable and emotional step of your life, you want things to be somewhat easy onwards. However, in most cases, the decision is just starting the turbulent journey! Whether it is the judgmental atmosphere or the unsafe medical procedures, undergoing an abortion has made every bit of an unsafe and uncomfortable journey as one would expect. Whether you are looking for a Portland abortion clinic that is safe and confidential for yourself or your loved one, here is everything that you need to know beforehand! These are the specific things to keep in mind before booking an appointment in an abortion center in Portland.

Do Research

First of all, start with extensive research on the clinics you are considering. Are they legitimate and legal? What is their reputation within clients? This is a service industry where there are a lot of flukes, shady businesses, and pregnant women are taken advantage of. Regarding abortion center research, cut no corners as the stakes can be high here. Whether going in for a quick check to the clinic or reading the reviews online, do everything that makes you feel 100 percent confident about your decision.

Get a Referral from Somebody You Trust

There is no better recommendation than word of mouth from somebody you trust! So if you have somebody who has been in a similar situation, ask them for recommendations. Ensure the person involved is non-judgmental and a homebody you can trust. If you don’t have anyone in life that you can ask this question, you can also consider calling your local doctor’s office and asking them to refer to a clinic they trust. It is implausible that a reputed medical professional will refer to a clinic that is anything less than trustworthy!

Trust Your Instincts:

If there is something that feels not quite right about the clinic you chose, don’t hesitate to take things into your own hands and prioritize your safety and health. In such cases, your gut instinct is almost always right, so listen to it keenly. If you get any indication that this might not end well for you, leave without wasting a second! If you have left and still have a powerful instinct about a clinic, feel free to reach out to your local health center or your local doctor to inquire about the clinic you visited. 

Ask Questions

Once you have decided on the clinic, don’t shy away from asking questions that will set your anxieties at ease. Inquire whether or not they are incensed, ask about the procedures and the safety protocols, and remember, there is no correct answer for something like this. Don’t hold back and ask about any lingering doubt or questions swimming in your mind. Better still, have a chat with your abortion counselor and voice any of your fears related to the procedure. After you have done that, you will have more clarity on the steps you will undergo and feel more confident and stress free.

Ask A Friend

Two minds are better than one, and the company of a loved one will surely make things much more bearable for you, both practically and emotionally. Whether it is a family member, your partner, or a dear friend, ask them to accompany you, and it will put you at ease in so many ways, whether it is having someone to drive you to and from the clinic or having someone to hold your hand and fight any last-minute anxieties. However, while it is great to have a support system and a friend along the journey, make sure they support your decisions and are non-judgmental throughout the process.

There are several abortion centers in Portland, but we encourage you to take this decision with a bit of research and forethought. While looking for an abortion clinic in Portland, Pregnancy Resource Center is the safest and the most secure place you can head towards! In business for over 30 years, Pregnancy Resource Center has been enabling women to deal with unwanted pregnancies in a safe and judgment-free environment for years now. The medical staff here are licensed and trained to support you in this journey with great empathy and care!

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