Not Able To Sign-in to Facebook? Try this Recovery Guide

February 9, 2022

Are you not able to sign-in to Facebook? This could happen due to a large line of features such as forgotten password, hacked Facebook account, or other technical glitches. No matter what is causing Facebook login issues, few techniques work for everyone for fixing the sign-in problems.

In this blog, we will throw light on all the possible causes and solutions to Facebook sign-in issues, so that whenever you lose access to your FB account, you can recover it instantaneously. 

Important Note: Before performing any troubleshooting, we suggest you check for a logged-in session. If you are already logged in to Facebook from somewhere, change your password from there. Then, try to sign-in to Facebook.

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The Right Method for Facebook Log in

Follow all the steps given below to sign-in to your Facebook account without any failure. 

Step 1: Go to the official Facebook log-in page from your web browser.

Step 2: Type in your email address or phone number that is associated with your Facebook account in the respective field. 

Step 3: Type in your password in the next field. Without the correct password, you won’t be able to sign-in. 

Step 4: Click on the “Log-in” button to enter your Facebook account. 

Note: Make sure you are using the official log-in page to sign-in to your Facebook account. If you are using any third-party platform, you might end up facing a data breach and Facebook takes no responsibility for it.

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Possible Causes for Facebook log-in Issues

If you are using the correct method for signing-in, but still not able to access your account, you need to understand all the possible causes that are preventing you from signing-in.

Here is the list that comprises every cause that can keep you from a successful Facebook log-in attempt.

Cause 1: Forgotten Facebook password: If you are repeatedly receiving pop-up stating “Incorrect Password”. In such cases, you must check the rightness of log-in credentials mainly and if the caps lock is on and make the issue because the password field is case-sensitive. 

Cause 2: Incorrect email address: Apart from password, entering the email address is also very important. If you haven’t typed the right email address or phone number, FB can’t recognize you won’t let you access Facebook.

Cause 3: Encumbered browser: If your browser is loaded with cache, cookies, and history, you might face issues while logging in. 

Cause 4: Hacked or compromised Facebook account: If your account has been hacked or compromised, you won’t be able to log-in. In such cases, you need to restore your hacked account. 

Cause 5: Locked or Disabled Facebook account: If your Facebook account is locked or disabled, you won’t be able to sign-in for a time being.

Cause 6: System’s Virus or Malware: If your device is loaded with viruses or malware, you may face trouble with the Facebook sign-in. Third-party add-ons or extensions can also affect your log-in process.

Cause 7: Facebook’s server downtime: If the server of Facebook is down, you have to wait before signing-in. So, check the Facebook server using

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Solutions to Facebook Sign-In Issues

Method 1: Recover Facebook Password

If you have forgotten Facebook password or your account has been hacked, you need to recover your account by verifying your identity. So, to recover your Facebook account password, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go on the Facebook sign-in page
  2. Click on “Forgotten Password”
  1. Now, enter your phone number or email address that is associated with your Facebook account.
  2. Then, Facebook will ask you to select the recovery method, it can be your phone number or email address on which you can receive the verification code.
  3. Type in the verification code to prove the account belongs to you. 
  4. Then, create a new password and then retype it to confirm.

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Solution 2: Clean the Browser

Cookies, cache, and junk from the browser and then try to sign-in again because sometimes the cache and cookies interfere with the log-in process and end up creating sign-in issues with Facebook.

Solution 3: Update Facebook Security Settings

If you want to prevent log-in issues from happening, you need to be a little strict with the security settings. Phishing and other cyber threats always look out for the less secure accounts. Therefore, add the additional layer of security with Two-Factor Authentication. And, always keep your recovery methods up to date.

Solution 4: Add Facebook to the Trusted Site

Your browser must trust Facebook otherwise it will keep creating problems whenever you will try to access Facebook. So, add Facebook to the trusted site for smooth Facebook login.

Solution 5: Recover Disable or locked Facebook Account

If Facebook has temporarily locked you out of Facebook or disabled your account, you need to send an appeal along with your ID proof. This way you can recover locked or disabled FB account.
These were some of the simplest methods to fix Facebook sign-in problems. If they are not working for you, we suggest you contact the official Facebook support team through the FB help center.

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