Facebook Has Locked Your Account? Here is How to Recover It

February 9, 2022

Facebook is a part of our day-to-day life. Some of us can’t even imagine spending a day without it. But what to do when Facebook locks you? This usually does not happen to people who use Facebook with all care, but any reckless behavior can prompt Facebook to lock your account. So, here we will be discussing the topic “locked Facebook account and its related aspects”. Furthermore, we will reveal all the workable ways to recover your locked Facebook account in one go.

Keep reading till the end to fortify your knowledge about locked or disable the Facebook account

Reasons for Locked Facebook Account

It is not one reason that can trigger Facebook to lock your account, but there can be so many causes behind a locked Facebook account. It is very important to understand the reasons if you want a quick recovery of your locked or disabled Facebook account. 

Reason 1: Facebook’s Database updates:

Facebook runs several updates to filter spam, duplicate accounts, impersonation, and fake accounts. And, if Fb catches your account while clearing the stuff, your account is likely to get blocked. Sometimes, this can be a mistake from the end of Facebook.

Reason 2: Someone Reported Your Account

If your account has been reported for an illegitimate activity or for disturbing others, the chances of getting locked on Facebook are relevantly high. It will certainly not happen due to one complaint or report, but several reports will prompt Facebook to take some actions against you. So, it is important to respect the privacy guidelines of Facebook to avoid issues like the Locked or disable Fb account, suspended account, and Facebook Jail. 

Reason 3: Neglecting Facebook’s Warnings

Going against will definitely create issues in managing your Facebook account in the long run. Whenever you make a violation, Facebook warns you regarding that, but if you keep doing the same thing even after the warning, you leave no choice for Facebook but to lock you. Likewise, if Facebook warns you for something you never did, it is very important to clear your side by sending a report to Facebook. 

Reason 4: Involvement in Suspicious Activities

If Facebook detects any suspicious behavior from your side, you will be locked. On the contrary, if someone else is spotted performing suspicious activity on your account, your account will be locked for security reasons. This is done to protect your account from cyberattacks.

Reason 5: Adding too Many Friends at once

If you add friends recklessly, you are likely to get into trouble. Adding too many friends is suspicious or spam behavior as per the guidelines of Facebook. So, if you are adding friends in bulk, it can act as the ground for a locked or disabled Facebook account. 

How to Recover the Locked Facebook Account?

You need to follow a practical approach of recovery towards your locked Facebook account. First, recall the activities you have done on your Facebook account, and if you have done something inappropriate, you must accept and try to recover your account with the promise of improved behavior, but if you are a victim of false accusation, you can send Facebook an appeal regarding that. 

You will get the “For security reasons your account is temporarily locked” message on your screen whenever Fb locks you. 

So, Here we will be covering all the doable ways to get your Facebook account unlocked:

  • Solution1: Send an appeal

The first and foremost way to restore the locked or disabled FB account is by sending an appeal to Facebook. This appeal will need you to attach an ID proof along with the form. This is one way to verify your identity to Facebook and prove your authenticity.  Follow the steps to send the appeal to FB:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907 from your browser
  2. Now provide the required details namely email address or mobile number. And, then your full name: 
  1. Now you need to attach your ID proof, by clicking on “Choose files”

After sending the appeal, your account will be reviewed by the team of Facebook and they will get back to you on the provided email address if required. 

  • Solution 2: Take help from Trusted Contacts
  • If you have added trusted contacts for your Facebook account, you can ask them to help you in recovering your locked or disabled Facebook account. Just follow the steps.

    1. Go to the Facebook log-in page from your browser
    2. Now, enter your username or email address
    3. On the Facebook security page, skip entering your recovery email address or phone number and click “No longer have access to these”
    4. Then, enter any new email address that you can access. 
    1. Click on “Reveal My Trusted Contacts
    1. Type the name of friend that you have added as trusted contact
    2. Then, ask your friends to visit https://www.facebook.com/recover
    3. Now, every friend will receive a code, just collect the code and enter it in the provided field
    1. You can now recover your account by creating a new password

  • Solution 3: Clean the Browser, Cache and History
  • If you have not crossed the line of violation, Facebook will automatically unlock your Facebook account within 96 hours. So, you better wait for the specified time and too many recovery attempts can cause more harm than good. After 96 hours, clear the cache, history, and footprints of your browser and try logging in again. 

    Important Note: If you have an alternate account or using the account of any of your friends, you can use the “Report a problem” section and inform Facebook about the issues you are having. For more information, click: https://www.facebook.com/help/1126628984024935?helpref=hc_global_nav

    Precautions to Avoid Problem of Locked/Disabled Facebook account

    We all love Facebooking but any hurdle in using your account can be stressful. So, it is important to follow the Facebook terms, and guidelines to avoid any such problem. If you want to keep the issue of locked or disabled account at the bay, make sure you consider all the points given below:

    1. Follow FB Terms and Conditions
    2. Facebook keeps changing its privacy policy, guidelines, terms and conditions. So, make a habit to check all these factors every now and then so that you never go wrong while using Facebook. This is the most important measure to avoid Facebook lock.

    3. Don’t Use Proxy Servers
    4. Facebook knows your location and using a proxy server to manipulate your location can lead to issues like locked FB accounts. Even, the proxy servers disturb the security network of Facebook and it can be considered as a violation of rules

    5. Concurrently Using too Many Devices to Log-in
    6. If you own multiple devices, use one device at a time to use a Facebook account. Signing in from too many devices can trigger the senses of Facebook and it might lock your account to avoid any danger. 

    7. Use Real Name
    8. There is an option to add a nickname for your Facebook account, so consider that instead of creating the account using a nickname or fake name. Always use the name that you have on your ID proofs.

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