Know About Facebook Messenger Problems and Fitted Solutions

February 9, 2022

Facebook Messenger is a standalone app that can be used with or without the Facebook application. This way messaging using your FB account has become much more simpler and convenient. Thus, the messenger is giving tough competition to its sibling WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the messenger needs a great amount of battery and fair share storage for offering optimum performance and whenever one out of two factors (space or battery) lowers down, it starts throwing tantrums. 

Facebook messenger also wants you to install all the updates that it rolls and whenever you miss an update, it stops functioning in a proper manner. Apart from this, there are many other reasons for which the FB messenger won’t open or create issues. So, here we are putting light on the causes, general troubleshooting, and exclusive solutions for FB messenger problems. 

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Causes of Facebook Messenger Issues

No issue can occur without any reason, and without knowing the cause troubleshooting would be quite difficult. From hardware issues to software glitches, there can be so many factors that can trigger Facebook messenger issues. In order to fix the problem, make sure you splurge time on the diagnosis of the issue.

General Solutions to Fix Facebook Messenger Issues

1. Use Facebook via Browser

  1. Simply open the web browser and type
  2. Type in your username and password.
  3. You can access your messages in the Facebook app itself, just like classic times.

2. Try the Lite Version of Facebook Messenger

  1. Get FB Messenger Lite from Play Store or App Store
  2. Download the app, install, launch and then add your login credentials
  3. Using the messaging in a usual manner and with streamlined appearance without the extravagant features.

3. Check the Internet Connection

The network is a major driving factor when it comes to web apps. But if your device is not connected to a wireless network or there are some network issues, you will certainly face issues with sending and receiving messages on FB messenger. So, if the FB messenger is not loading the messages, this can be the reason.  This can also induce Facebook sign-in issues with the messenger.

4. Check Facebook Server

When you are facing any issue with FB messenger, there are high chances that it is all happening due to the FB server which is down at the moment. There is nothing much you can do in this case and hence one should only wait till the issue is resolved.

5. Update the App

If the Facebook messenger is not working on your mobile app and there is no way to log-in. In such cases updating the app is recommended. You can even try reinstalling the app. 

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6. Inspect Computer Speakers

If there is any issue with the sound while making a voice or video-call on messenger, check your speakers and fix the respective problem.

7. Check if the Person is Blocked

If you are not able to send to or receive messages from a specific person, it is possible that you have blocked the person or vice versa. 

Few Specific Issues and Their Solutions

1. Can’t Send or Receive Messages on FB Messenger

When you are trying to send a message or a sticker but Fb messenger is not delivering your message, do not worry. There are a few simple tricks that can fix the problem without much hassle. 

Firstly, make sure that you are using the updated version of the app, if not update it for easy sending and receiving of messages. for this, go to the Google Play store, click on Menu, and then select My apps and games. Now, check if there is an update available. If there is an update waiting for you, hit the Update button, and you are done.

The next thing you need to check is if Facebook Messenger is down in your area or other people are reporting the same issue, click on and see what it has to say. If the messenger is down, wait for a few hours and before using it again.

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2. Messages Have Disappeared

At many times, mostly when we are in a rush, we tend to delete our important messages and this later becomes a regret. Sometimes, you accidentally delete the message or your kids might do it. Unluckily, there is no way to retrieve permanently deleted messages but there are chances that you have archived the messages and not have deleted them. 

If you have archived your messages accidentally, you can see them in the list of chats, but you can find them in the respective folder. For this, open the FB site, click on Messages>>See all>>More>>Archived (for desktop), 

Or, go to Messages, select See all messages, scroll down and select View Archived Messages (for mobile). The messages you might need are sleeping there.

3. FB Messenger is Not Working on Android Devices

If FB messenger is not standing up to the expectations, things can go ugly. The blank screen of messenger or unfortunately Facebook Messenger has stopped message, are giving you tough times, try the tricks listed here.

First, make sure that the operating system of your Android device is up to date. For this, go to Settings > About device > Software update > Update now. Your device should be connected to Wi-Fi for installing the update. This can make things a lot better. But here is something more that you can try.

The next thing you can try is clearing some storage space:

Go to Settings > Applications & notifications > See all apps > Messenger > Storage and select Clear Storage and Clear Cache.

Apart from this, make sure that the FB messenger app is up to date. And, never forget to install the update whenever they roll-in. 

Last but not the least, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the Fb messenger app. For this, Settings >> Applications & notifications >> See all apps >> Messenger >> and press Uninstall. After uninstalling, reinstall the app from the Google Play Store. These are a few ways using which you can fix it if the Android messenger app is not working.

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