How to Increase YouTube Views with These 4 Quick and Easy Tips

January 18, 2023

You have a problem: you want to understand how to increase views on YouTube but you can’t identify the keystone of your visual content marketing strategy. It is not a difficult need to understand, on the contrary: it is a common problem for those who move on this terrain.

Many web marketing experts face the challenge. Surely YouTube represents a privileged way to do video marketing, visual storytelling, and blogging. It can be a powerful lever but also a difficult battleground to tackle without damage.

Well, there is an alternate method as well which is buying views, and it can boost your ranking on the search results page. When more people watch your videos, the higher they will be placed in the search rankings.  

It’s pretty simple, really. Other than that, if you buy YouTube comments generated by real people, you might also earn a few new subscribers along the way if they liked your content, which is an added bonus. When you do buy views, however, make sure you get them from reputable sources to avoid being scammed.

Because the congestion is evident, the big brands grind traffic and attract visitors. Leaving little space for those entering the world of video. So, how to increase YouTube views without investing a fortune? Here are 4 tips that can pay off.

Post Interesting Videos for the YouTube Target

The question is simple: how to improve the video views if you have posted something that nobody cares about, let alone the audience you want to reach? This is the work that is done in any SEO analysis: it starts from keyword research to creating content.

The study of keywords to define the ranking on YouTube takes its cue from what you normally do with web pages but uses some specific tools such as

This tool, in fact, has a section dedicated to YouTube. Without forgetting that the research completion of the video platform offers information on the research carried out by the audience that can be the basis for understanding the most important topics to be addressed with a video.

You can buy YouTube likes to skyrocket your popularity. By buying YouTube views, you increase the chances of your content being distributed to hundreds of thousands of people. And with this, you can stay ahead of the competition. 

SEO Optimization Video to be Found Online

How to increase YouTube views? After identifying the topic you are interested in, you must make sure that the video card can be found both in Google and internal searches, without forgetting the ability to insert itself as related. In this case, we are working on a very interesting sector: SEO for YouTube. The direct factors:

  • Title of the video.
  • Description of the content.
  • Filename.
  • Tags that describe.

Very important is the latter, the tags used to define the content. In these cases, it can be useful to discover the work done by the videos that are better positioned to identify how competitors are moving. In this case, I recommend using TubeBuddy.

What does this Chrome application do? Simple, in addition to allowing simplified updates of videos, such as adding annotations or cards to all publications, it performs a detailed analysis of the competition by extrapolating the tags used by other users.

Create an Effective YouTube Thumbnail (Preview)

One of the decisive advantages for optimizing work on YouTube and increasing views in a short time: creating thumbnails capable of attracting the attention of the public. This thumbnail, in fact, is used as a cover in the lists where the video appears as related.

This means that, after influencing the platform to rank your site in searches, you have to use the visual to attract the eye and then the clicks of the audience. This also happens thanks to a well-done preview. To work best you can use Canva ‘s templates.

This tool, in fact, provides ready-made templates to create a compelling preview capable of attracting the attention of the public. Of course, if you have Photoshop skills you can use this photo editing software to create unique covers.

Share YouTube Video Content to the Fullest

Did you do a good job respecting all the publication rules? Perfect, now a new challenge begins the promotion of content. Share these links on social networks, organize a newsletter dedicated to the latest video published on YouTube.

And most importantly, plan your blog posts so that the video is embeddable in the content. So you can increase views and create a better user experience. The point to focus on is this: there are several factors of SEO positioning on YouTube that you cannot directly control. I’m talking about:

  • Views.
  • Appreciations.
  • Comments.
  • Shares.

Improving these aspects means increasing the chances of placing the video on YouTube for certain searches, thus influencing the views. All this also happens through the sharing and distribution of the clips, encouraging the public to participate with a call to action.

How to Increase YouTube Views

Some details can help you push video visibility on YouTube. Which ones are they? Preliminary research with some tools, basic video optimization, effective preview, social media work, and adequate content marketing. And then the last ingredient: consistency.

It is not enough to publish a video to get noticed but if you do not record results for 2 years you have to change, test new roads. Don’t give up right away, YouTube expects continuity but also continuous testing.

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